New Album "WALLS" from Kings of Leon!

New Album "WALLS" from Kings of Leon!


The album was released a couple months ago but WALLS is still climbing the Billboard 200 at #107 and working it’s way up! Released on October 14th with RCA Records, this album topped the charts at No. 1 by November 5th. Surprisingly, WALLS is Kings of Leon‘s first No. 1 album. After 13 years of waiting, it’s about time! I’m sure certain celebrities *cough* Leonardo DiCaprio *cough* understand how it feels to have to wait for a grand achievement like this one. Speaking of achievements, Waste a Moment (one of my personal favorites) is the band’s 7th hit which reached the top 10 on the Alternative Songs airplay chart. Want to know more? Check out this Billboard 200 article for more detail!

Although Kings of Leon was not a band I commonly listened to, I had definitely heard of it and recognized the name when I was asked to review their newest album. I had always heard good things from others so I was excited to finally give the band a shot. I was not disappointed. WALLS has a good sound and I really enjoyed listening to the tracks on it. All of the songs seem to have deep meanings which is something I really like in a band. Plus, to elaborate on the general feel of the album, it’s definitely one you can listen to anytime, anywhere, no matter what mood you’re in. It’s good as background music while you study, which is perfect for a university student like me, but also great when you really listen to it and even better to sing along to.

At the same time I love how the songs on the album create a nice balance between upbeat and chill styles. It’s always good to have that mix of songs that make you want to dance but also make you feel something, you know? The song Waste a Moment compared to one like Conversation Piece, both songs I thoroughly enjoyed, really emphasizes this. I love the bittersweet, nostalgic feeling I get from this album. All of these factors make WALLS a great album and has encouraged me to listen to more of Kings of Leon‘s music. It’s never too late to start listening to a new band!


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