Week 11: November 28, 2016
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Week 11: November 28, 2016


DJs Deej, Winks, and Nix have all had a chance to listen to Starboy by The WeekndDeej does not hate it by any means, but her co-hosts certainly enjoy the album more than they do. Deej is a fan of the vocal ability, but found it to be too easily listening compared to the complexity of his past work. Winks loves it overall, but he feels like there are some tracks that could have been omitted, such as the “Stargirl Interlude” featuring Lana Del Rey. Nix also loves it, but she feels as though she hasn’t taken it in over the course of enough time, or in enough different settings.


Leading up to the album, DJ Winks brought the short film M A N I A to the attention of the ladies. It is the visul component that accompanies Starboy and all of the DJs agree that it was really well done. In case you missed it, watch it here:

Without revealing too much, DJ Nix spoke about the Netflix return of The Gilmore Girls. The special consists of four episodes that answer many of the unanswered questions that the show (originally running from 2000-2007) left up in the air. She also took over the @radiolaurier Snapchat and brought everyone along for the ride through her crazy, caffeine-filled Monday. She did a fantastic job and got her fellow DJs in on the action. To see the highlights, check out our Instagram page @afterclazz.

This week’s track list is as follows:

  1.  “Bone Marrow” – G-Eazy ft. Danny Seth
  2.  “Let Me Love You” – DJ Snake ft. Justin Bieber (Tiesto Remix)
  3.  “Rockin'” – The Weeknd
  4.  “Never Give Up” – Sia
  5.  “False Alarm” – The Weeknd
  6.  “Sidewalks” – The Weeknd ft. Kendrick Lamar
  7.  “I Feel It Coming” – The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk
  8. “Secrets” – The Weeknd
  9. “True Colours” – The Weeknd
  10. “Best Friend” – Young Thug

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Mondays at 10 p.m. Tune in, and turn up.

Hawk Eyes – November 28, 2016
Hawk Eyes/Hawk Eyes

Hawk Eyes – November 28, 2016

Hosts Jack Moore (@MadJack54), Jason Hagholm (@JHagholm1), and Lauren Hunter (@laaurenhunter) were joined by national U Sports football correspondent Casey Dulson who discussed the Vanier Cup, the Regina Rams, head coach of the Laurier Golden Hawks, Michael Faulds, as well as the possibility of seeing Montreal Carabin head football coach Danny Maciocia take on the role of head coach for the CFL’s Montreal Alouettes. Casey Dulson, prior to working for U Sports, also writes for Last Word on Sports for U Sports football with former Cord sports editor Drew Yates. Casey also was the beat writer for the Concordia men’s football team, as well as their basketball teams for the Concordian.

Our hosts also discussed the intriguing start to the seasons for both the men’s and women’s basketball teams. The men’s team is now in 1st place in the OUA West division, sporting a 4-3 record. On Saturday afternoon they took on the Windsor Lancers and it was Tevaun Kokko leading the charge for the Golden Hawks with a game high 22 points. Kokko has made himself and early candidate for OUA Rookie of the Year. The Hawks solidified first place in the division with a 67-66 win.

For the women, Saturday was a different story as they fell at the hands of the Lancers to the tune of 73-56. Paving the way for Windsor was Cheyanne Rogers who put up 23 points and 13 rebounds on the game, leading the Lancers to a victory and a 5-0 start on the season which is good enough for first place in the OUA West division. Windsor was ranked 5th in the country heading into the game.

Men’s hockey went 0-2 on the weekend as they had a double dip at home against the Lakehead Thunderwolves. In the first game on Friday night the Hawks burst for three goals in the second period and had a 3-0 lead going into the third. Que the comeback. Lakehead scored three unanswered goals in the third period to force overtime. In the second OT in 3-on-3, Carson Dubchak slid on past Colin Furlong and the Thunderwolves came away victorious. The second game saw the Hawks lose 4-3 to Lakehead again in Vinny Merante‘s first start of the season. The Hawks now sit in sixth place in the OUA Western Conference.

As for the women, their struggles continue. They have now started the season 0-1-9-1 and only have one game remaining against Ryerson before the exam break. The Hawks fell 4-1 to Brock on Saturday after being tied 1-1 heading into the third period. The game marked Amanda Smith‘s first start since October 29th in a 2-0 loss to Western.

Next week will be the final Hawk Eyes show of 2016! We will be returning January 9th in 2017.

Tune in on Monday’s at 6:00pm  for more information about everything revolving around Laurier Athletics.

The Rap Up: Episode No. 11
Shows/The RapUp

The Rap Up: Episode No. 11


Young Money < No Money

Tyga celebrated his 24th birthday last week, including appearances from friends, family and a subpoena. Thats right. While its not clear if the subpoena he received is 100% related, Tyga has incurred yet another lawsuit for missed payments on his red Ferrari. The same red Ferrari that has already been repo’d twice. Either way you slice it, thats not a great look for Tyga. However, despite the numerous (almost regular) lawsuits involving Tyga’s missed payments with landlords and car dealers, he’s managed to escape them all without serious legal penalty. This leaves us with two questions; is Tyga making the lives of his landlords/car dealers hell because why not-lifestyle of the rich and famous-I’ll pay you only when i have to? Or has Tyga found himself a sugar mama in Kylie Jenner? After all, she did recently buy him a brand new Bentley truck. Perhaps he’s making quiet and smart investments, but at the very least we know all of this mulah didn’t come from Birdman during his time with Young Money (Hip-Hop zing).

Get Well Soon

We all have a type of love for Kanye West, whether it’s that we love to hate him, or just simply love him. Kanye West is arguably one of the greatest artists of this generation. Kanye recently had a mental break down and was admitted to a Los Angeles Hospital. Kanye is currently under watch and is battling mental health issues. Kanye West has been going on rants, cancelling tours, and leaving in the middle of shows. At some point we have to stop and ask ourselves, what’s going on? Dealing with mental issue can be a difficult thing on an individual, because in most cases it’s a life and death situations. We sometimes forge that some of these entertainers are actually human beings with real feelings and emotions. We haven’t seen that with no other artist, like we have with Kanye West. Keep Kanye in your prayers as he battles his demons and hopefully overcome it and come out a better individual and stronger mentally.


What You Should be Listening to This Week

It has been a crazy week so far in the Hip Hop world. We received great music from YG, and The Weeknd. The west coast gangsta dropped an 8 track mixtape (that should have been an EP) with nothing but bangers called Red Friday, on Black Friday. He starts off the tape with an intro of a female saying that the trilogy to his “Just Re’d Up” series is coming soon. The tape includes a part 2 track to his and Meek Mill’s “I’m a Thug”. It had features from the verse king 21 Savage, Mr. LA aka RJ and an up and coming artist named Mitch. The Weeknds album Starboy was more than we all expected. It is a soft, soulful yet edgy sound. This catchy sound track included features from Kendrick Lamar, Daft Punk and Lana Del Rey. In other album news, Lil Wayne announced a new project titled Funeral which he assures us is on the way, and Mos Def also announced his final album titled December 99th coming our way December 9th. November has been a warm month from all this heat we’re getting. We hope we get even more in December until then go check out these new albums.

(Written by TJ Mroz, Garrick Gray & Yafet Berhane)

Songs Played This Week:

Ain’t Tryna – Future

St. Brick – Gucci Mane (E)

Bone Marrow – G-Eazy Ft. Danny Seth

Patient – Post Malone

Six Feet Under – The Weeknd

Sidewalks – The Weeknd Ft. Kendrick Lamar

I Be On – YG Ft. 21 Savage

I Know – YG Ft. Mitch

Still – G-Eazy

Famous – Ray J & Chris Brown

Let’s Ride – 2 Chainz Ft. Ty Dolla $ign

Fresh – Lil Uzi Vert & Gucci Mane (E)

U Were Always – Wiley Ft. Skepta & Bellz (E)

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The Morning After… The Weeknd

The Basement: Nov. 27

The Morning After… The Weeknd
Album Reviews/The Morning Show
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The Morning After… The Weeknd


This week was certainly a big one for DJ O$AP and Goldilocks! As many of you already know, Starboy is finally here! Quite possibly the biggest musical day of the year for the two DJ’s, since their common love for The Weeknd is the reason this radio show exists! There’s been half a week’s worth of talk and debate about this highly anticipated album and you can rest assured that they were not disappointed. Eighteen brand new songs, with the exceptions of the four premature releases, and a single seductive interlude featuring the lovely Lana Del Ray. The Weeknd kept the feature list pretty simple with Starboy, but there’s no let down when you see the names Daft Punk, Future, Kendrick Lamar and a sneaky untitled feature of Sam Smith in the song Sidewalks. If you didn’t get to see the anxiety provoking teaser trailer called M A N I A that the Weeknd released just before the album came out, there’s a link below where you can check it out! It was almost torturous to watch short clips of his new unreleased songs just a few hours before the official album release, but the high intensity of the video clips in the trailer were once again, surpassed all expectations!

It’s safe to say that the music world is in agreeance that the new album is good… but how good? Does it compare to those timeless songs we heard on the album Kissland and the mixtapes from Trilogy? Well, after admitting Goldilocks was a die-hard Hilary Duff fan, and O$AP has been in love with Ellie Goulding since early high school, it was agreed that both DJs’ music taste heightened when they found a mutual love for The Weeknd. The early productions of The Weeknd are what defined their new favourite artist; his unique sound and vibe setting him apart from any other artist on the market. It would take a lot for The Weeknd to top his original work, and after much debate Goldilocks and O$AP have decided that they need more time with the album to truly decide if it is on par… stay tuned each week to stay updated on their debates!

Angel, from Beauty Behind the Madness is arguably one of The Weeknd’s  most original, ear-catching songs ever released. The vocals and lyrics of the track provided The Weeknd with an anthem that truly resonated with his fans. The biggest question about the new Starboy album is which song, if any, is able to compete with Angel? Thus far, Die For You stolen the hearts of both DJ’s but unfortunately does not quite measure up to the Angel standard. Though the track really gets those university emotions flowing, it just doesn’t seem to hit as hard as that heartstring-plucking anthem Angel.

It’s easy for the DJ’s to give their opinions on the album… but how is the rest of the world feeling about The Weeknd? Well, it’s safe to say Starboy is destroying the music charts and held the #1 spot in 80 countries within a mere 24 hours after release! Looks like it’s a lot more than just Goldilocks and O$AP that are falling in love with these tracks. He has taken over the music charts, claiming 18 of the top 20 songs!

On a far less important, but still awesome note, O$AP got a new phone! To end this week’s show, the DJ’s had a quick discussion about the new Google Pixel and the awesome new V.R. features it holds. For those who don’t know, V.R. or “virtual reality” is an exciting new technology that’s getting noticed fast. It’s a visual and audio experience that places you in a new virtual graphic world where a V.R. headset accessory allows you to interact with the simulated environment. It even has zombie games! Um, NO! Goldilocks and O$AP won’t be tough enough to play those games for quite some time. They’ll be taking the much more relaxing, scenic route for now… enjoying the simulated butterflies and calming lakes! If you want to learn some more and check it out, take a look at some of the links and videos down below!

Thank you so much for tuning in with us this morning! Have a wicked week Laurier, good luck to everyone preparing for their final exams and working on those last minute final assignents! We’ll be back next Monday morning! (probably still fan-girling over the Weeknd)


This Week’s Song List:

Starboy (feat. Daft Punk) – The Weeknd

Party Monster – The Weeknd

False Alarm – The Weeknd

Reminder – The Weeknd

Rockin – The Weeknd

Secrets – The Weeknd

True Colours – The Weeknd

Stargirl Interlude (feat. Lana Del Ray) – The Weeknd

Sidewalks (feat. Kendrick Lamar) – The Weeknd

Six Feet Under – The Weeknd

Love to Lay – The Weeknd

A Lonely Night – The Weeknd

Attention –  The Weeknd

Ordinary Life – The Weeknd

Nothing Without You – The Weeknd

All I know (feat. Future) – The Weeknd

Die for You – The Weeknd

I Feel It Coming (feat. Daft Punk) – The Weeknd

The Basement: Nov 27th Recap – Topics, Playlist, Featured Artists

Rest in peace to 15-year old James Means

The Basement/The Basement

The Basement: Nov 27th Recap – Topics, Playlist, Featured Artists

Rest in peace to 15-year old James Means

Rest in peace to 15-year old James Means

This show’s discussion segment started of on a sensitive and emotional note as we talked about the recent murder of 15 year old James Means in Charleston, West Virginia. James Means was a young black male killed at the hands of 62 year old William Pulliam, a bigot with a penchant for violence. WCHS News reports that Pulliam was illegally carrying the firearm he used to murder Means, due to a previous conviction related to domestic battery charges (full article here from WCHS). According to NBC News, the confrontation occurred when Means and Pulliam bumped into each other outside a Dollar General store which was the incident that ignited this tragedy. While the police still speculate on whether or not the crime was hate related, various sources have cited Pulliam as saying, “the way I look at it, that’s another piece of trash off the street”.
In addition to discussing the death of James Means, we also explored a recent air raid on a children’s hospital in Aleppo, Syria. A video on Al Jazeera shows a young boy breathing into a mask, gasping for oxygen due to toxic materials that were released into the air by the barrel bombs dropped on the city. Generally speaking, in times of armed conflict, the lives of women and children are considered ‘off-limits’, but considering this is far from the first attack targeting children in Aleppo, it demonstrates just how terrible the conflict in Syria has become.
Both of these conversations led us to explore the perceived value of a life, whether that of a black life threatened by hatred in the States or a child’s life under siege in Syria. We also discussed how these unjust deaths incite feelings of anger which leads to the desire for revenge as well as the difference between justice and vengeance/the danger of succumbing to vengeful desires.

In our pop culture segment, we started by discussing the various ways people choose to acquire music, whether purchasing legally, choosing to stream through one of the many services available or downloading off the internet. The majority of artists lose a large portion of their revenue from album sales to labels, management, promoters etc. We talked about whether or not buying music is truly the best way to support your favourite artists, considering artists are now claiming they make the majority of their money off touring and merchandise.
In the same lane of music as a topic, we also debated what constitutes “real hip hop”. With the advent and success of ‘new age’ rappers such as Lil’ Yachty, Young Thug, Desiigner and so on, we felt in necessary to examine the dynamic and ever-changing scene of contemporary urban music, which ended up expanding past the scope of hip hop/rap to R&B. The main two positions were as such
Stance A: real hip hop requires lyricism and content with substance which new age hip hop fails to provide
Stance B: the current hip hop scene differs in the delivery and content of lyrics, but if it still maintains its connection to youth culture, provides a voice for that generation and serves some sort of function, it can be classified as hip hop.
During our people/relationship segment talked about what to do when dating someone that your family/friends dislike or do not get along with.

The Weeknd – Die For You
Nebu Kiniza – Gassed Up
Childish Gambino – Redbone
Jai Paul – Jasmine
Denzel Curry – UTL

TOBi – Deeper (prod. by Nate Smith)
TOBi – Understand You Ft. K Forest (prod. by dF)

To describe TOBi as simply another Toronto rapper would fail to do justice to his music. A combination of witty bars, smooth vocals and refreshing and unique production (courtesy of producers Nate Smith and df) all contribute to TOBi’s dynamic sound. In addition, one of his greatest assets may be his choice of content, as he explores themes of lust and love from new perspectives on his songs, “Deeper” and “Understand You”. A Laurier alumni & former member of ABS Laurier, TOBi has been making significant moves in his career, especially after dropping his 7-track EP FYi earlier this year. He’s also recently dropped a video to accompany “Deeper”. The colourful yet subdued use of lighting in the video parallel his smooth vocals on the song as he sings, “she always wanna hear me go deeper”. True to the song’s catchy melodies and up tempo beat, TOBi displays some of his dance moves in the video, and after hearing the song and watching the video, you’ll want to do the same.

Check out the video for “Deeper premiered on Noisey here, or on his official YouTube page.

You can hear both Deeper, Understand You and the full FYi EP on his Soundcloud page