Technical Difficulties EP 5
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Technical Difficulties EP 5

Hola! Howdy! Hello!

Hope you all had a great time listening to Technical Difficulties with DJ Razzmatazz yesterday! We covered some of my favourite genres today including classical, jazz, trap, house and even dub. As always I played the best instrumental songs I could find without lyrics so you could all concentrate on the groovy beats! Make sure to check out my Radio Laurier Snapchat takeover on December 6th to see what goes on in the mind of the mad genius DJ Razzmatazz! See you again for the ultimate show next Tuesday at 5pm EST!

DJ Razzmatazz

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CIA “The Sound” Nov. 20

Another great show has come and gone, but if you missed it here is a quick overview of the sounds we were talking about:

This year’s second Laurier Student Composers Concert was held in the Maureen Forrester Recital Hall and saw a diverse range of styles on display. The program went as follows:

West Side Theory by the Seagram Synth Ensemble (AKA your hosts James & James)

Triptych by Isaac Page

Septet by Sergei Kofman

The Deep by Sophie Vogan

Improvisation by Maria Kouznetsova

Through the Fungi Forest by Rinor Baresha

Order In Chaos by Joseph Chiu

The Singing Part from To Know A Fly’s by Arie van de Ven with text by Erika Verhagen

It was an evening full of large ensembles: We heard a septet, a vocal duo with percussion, piano, and strings, and finally a Philip Glass-esque chamber ensemble. Smaller ensembles included two acts heavily using electronics and acoustic instruments in interesting combinations, as well as many instances of improvisation from soloists and small groups. We look forward to seeing you all at the next one, thanks to all who were in attendance! AS always you can listen to and download our weekly show for free on SoundCloud:



Improvisation Concerts Ensemble (ICE) “Does Aleatory” in the Maureen Forrester Recital Hall on Nov. 23rd at 8PM

Laurier Percussion Ensemble Concert in the Maureen Forrester Recital Hall on Nov. 26th at 3PM

The Sound is a show that is run by the CIA (Composers and Improvisors Association), a group of students on campus that represent student artists.  The Sound features music, sound art, poetry, spoken word, short stories (anything really!) that is written by Laurier student, alumni, and faculty.  We would love to have some of your works on the show, if you are an artist at Laurier and what to get your work on The Sound, please do so by sending your file(s) here:          and send us a brief description of your piece.

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The Pit – Back after a Short Reprieve

Heyo, Zack here, and Welcome to the Pit!

Things got a little hectic the past couple weeks, but I am back once more, ready to deliver quality programming to you!

Last weeks episode featured a song by a band, Aepoch, good friends if mine, playing some of the best technical death metal I’ve heard in a long time. You can listen to their entire EP on youtube, just follow this link:

I spoke about James Hetfield saying some very, very dumb things, you can read those statements in full here:


It is this moment, and opportunity, I would like to speak about the DAPL pipeline once more. I have been following the movement since it started, carefully watching, and what I see is more than just a native rights issue, I see a deeply infected, rotting democracy. Police, armed with military grade gear, clashing with unarmed, peacefully protesting Native Americans. The police accuse the protesters of being aggressive and violent, actions, and attitudes, I have yet to see emerge. I have seen many a cop, covered in body armor, carrying assault weapons loaded with rubber bullets, and  as aggressive as the eradication of Native American culture. I have seen the armored trucks, the wounded protesters, and the destruction of Native American heritage sites. These things I have seen are not common knowledge, in fact it appears to me that the government and media, intent on its “forward” march have done all they can to divert attention away from it. Fires have been purposefully set, and we are to believe, ludicrously so, that those who only tried to defend the land, and their livelihood based upon it, set those fires. The disgusting North Dakota police, cowards all, would have us believe the destroyers, the aggressors, are the Native American protesters. What I implore, what I beg, is for awareness of this issue, true awareness. This is exactly what democracy was created to fight, to fight inequality, to give voices to the majority, and the minority. Not all can make pilgrimage to the states to protest, to show physical support, but we can at least talk of it, and all the issues this pivotal, historic happening. Everything wrong with our society is being put up on display, for us, and the world, to see. If you can, please donate to the gofundme page, winter is coming, and with it, the greatest challenge the protesters face. This about the environment, protecting the drinking water of millions of people, and trying to make amends for the historic wrongs of heedless expansion our society has yielded. One day it may come, where it is all of us, standing as one against the creeping vines of oppression, seeking to corrode the foundations of society, and drag us to the earth once more. Until that time, we must find the way to unity, we must support each other in brotherhood, and we all must fight against the wrongs we inflict upon each other.

Thanks for listening, please keep watching, and never stop opposing those who would seek to take all you, all we, hold dear. Heres the link for the gofundme, send what you can, if you can, every bit I am sure, is appreciated.

The Basement: Nov 20th Recap – Topics, Playlist, Featured Artists
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The Basement: Nov 20th Recap – Topics, Playlist, Featured Artists


To start off the show, the team tackled the major issue of the impending take over of President elect Donald Trump. Since his victory over Clinton, extremist supporters of Trump have felt vindicated by the success of their ‘champion’. As a result, the racist, homophobes and bigots that support Trump have been acting out against people of colour, alternative sexualities, different religions etc. with a reduced fear of repercussion. The crew also aimed to discuss how Trump’s victory would trickle over and affect Canadians.
The second topic of the discussion segment was the idea of black people supporting (or failing to support) black businesses. This conversation was sparked by personal experiences of people on the team with some of the black owned businesses in the local k/W region. The goal of the conversation was to explore if the black people have some form of obligation to shop at black owned businesses and what to do when those businesses don’t necessarily have service up to par with what people are accustomed to.
For pop culture and entertainment, we discussed Kanye West recent concert where after performing 3 songs, he ranted and walked off stage. During his rant he talked about a multitude of personal issues from friction with Jay Z / Beyoncé to weighing on the presidential election. Regardless of personal opinion on Kanye West, it’s clear right now he may be suffering through some mental health difficulties which needs to be taken into consideration and approached with understanding.
To wrap up the show with out people/relationships segment, we talk about whether or not it’s appropriate to give your significant other access to your phone and general privacy boundaries within relationships. Trust is necessary for any healthy relationship to flourish and function well. The idea of giving someone else access to your phone brings up many questions in relation to trust which we explored in this segment.


Rae Sremmurd – Black Beatles

6lack – Prblms

Shy Girls – Only A Man

Pharell – Frontin’

A Tribe Called Quest – Electric Relaxation

Isaiah Rashad – Dressed Like Rappers


Soundman – Man Down

Soundman is rapper hailing from the Mississauga / Toronto area boasting a varying list of influences from Drake to Kendrick Lamar. His song ‘Man Down’ is a a gritty dark song touching on the archetypal “Toronto shooter”. The song is produced by Topszns own Cameron Pasquale and currently sits at 17.4k plays on soundcloud thanks to a cosign from Toronto singer Jahkoy as well as attention from various blogs. His next move is to have is music featured on OVO radio and complete his upcoming EP, World Sounds.
Check it out below: