We had DJ Dingle-D and DJ Bdog kick off the night with some fun topics and great music. We talked about reading week and the fun times we missed out on at spring break. The next matter of discussion was the NBA all star game. Both of us agreed that Aaron Gordon was robbed of the slam dunk title and Zach Lavine should not have won. We also talked about the show Vinyl and the recent Black Sabbath concert in Hamilton and Ozzy Osbourne’s energetic performance that night



The matter of Jose Bautista and whether or not he should be resigned by the Blue Jays was another topic of discussion. What do you think? Is he worth 150 million for five years at his age?

We then discussed the upcoming Oscars and whether Leo Dicaprio  will finally win his first Oscar. We also talked about our own personal opinions as to which movies were the strongest and the significance of the movie The Big Short.

We introduced a new segment to the show called Ben’s pet peeves where Ben discussed his dislike for a variety of random different situations that everyone has surely experienced a number of times before. These included; interpreting the ‘wink’, interacting with cats, getting a beer at a kegger, and dancing to the cha cha real smooth song.

We played songs by Will Smith, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Jay-Z, Earth Wind and Fire, Justin Timberlake, and Michael Jackson.

Stay golden and we’ll see you  all next week!

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