Trudeau Takes Wilfrid Laurier University By Storm

Trudeau Takes Wilfrid Laurier University By Storm


Image by- CTV News Kitchener
Today Federal Liberal candidate, Justin Trudeau, held a conference at Wilfrid Laurier University where he unveiled his campaign platform for change. Many of his local and student supporters came out to listen and to ask questions about what this change consists of. Some with concerns as to how Trudeau expects to implement his plans.

It all began with a quick speech of his goals to develop the economy and build class relations through tax cuts. Following his speech, Trudeau opened up questions to the floor and from social media, then wrapping up by taking questions from the media in attendance.

As Trudeau addressed the crowd, he spoke with great stature and confidence about his plans to make life easier for middle class families and those struggling to achieve middle class living. His driving point was that he would increase taxes on Canada’s 1% in order to cut taxes on lower to middle class families.

“We will invest to build this country again. We will raise taxes on the wealthiest one percent and cut taxes for the middle class. And we’ll offer more help to those working hard to join the middle class” stated Trudeau in his speech.

Trudeau also discussed his intentions to aid students with loan debts through implementing higher grants for both full time and part time students. Additionally, stating that students taking out government loans to pay for school would not be required to begin repaying loans until they earn a minimum of $25,000 a year.

“We will increase the maximum Canada student grant for low income students by 50% to $3000” says Trudeau, “For part time students, we will reward them double to $1800 every year.”

With a few expected humorous jabs at opponent Stephen Harper, Trudeau had supporters on their feet, clapping and cheering at the incentives he presented.

With only two more weeks left in the elections, voting registration is set for October 19th. Advance voting days are set for October 9, 10, 11 and 12.

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