News Unplugged- Wednesday, March 25, 2015

News Unplugged- Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Nova Scotians Spot Fireball in the Night Sky

Tuesday night, Nova Scotians stormed social media after spotting a ball of fire in the night sky.

David Lane, astronomer and director of the observatory at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, said that it was most likely a bright meteor that lit the sky called a fireball.

He also stated, that while they are not rare, spotting one at the right moment usually is as fireballs usually tend to pass in the middle of the night when most people are asleep.

It was reported that the fireball was spotted by people on Prince Edward Island, and others in the Annapolis Valley, Antigonish, Sydney.

The moment was captured on the Halifax Harbour webcam.

Utah Approves Firing Squad to Execute Capital Punishments

On Monday, Utah became the only jurisdiction in the U.S to allow firing squads to execute death sentences as an alternative to lethal injection drugs.

The shortage of lethal drugs has made it tough to carry out the capital punishment that is now authorized in 32 states. Lethal injection is the main method used during capital punishment, and therefore states have been trying to combine new drugs that will deliver the same effect. But unfortunately execution has not gone as planned with the new protocol.

As a result, executions have been faulty and legal disputes have developed leading to the review of methods in search of alternatives.

Alexandro Lisi trial delayed due to Illness

Alexandro (Sandro) Lisi, Friend of the former Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford, is expected to begin his drug trial on Wednesday, March 25th after the case was delayed by his apparent illness. The hearing came to a halt when Lisi did not show up because he was not feeling well.

Police made charges against Lisi and the co-accused Ramshid Bahrami in October of 2013 after video surfaced of Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine.

Both Lisi and Bahrami may face charges of trafficking and may also face potential charges of possession of marijuana.

The Crown is expected to start presenting their evidence today.

Oprah Schedules Yard Sale for her Charity

Oprah Winfrey will be auctioning household and clothing items from her own Chicago residence.

Oprah will be selling furniture, paintings, designer clothing amongst other things to go to the benefit of her foundation, Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa.

The auction house will provide a preview of the exhibit on April 16.

The auction will be held on April 25 with bidding held in person and online.

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