News Unplugged- Wednesday, February 11, 2015

News Unplugged- Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Brooklyn police officer indicted after alleged accidental shooting

Novice police officer, Peter Liang has been indicted in the November shooting death of 28 year old Akai Gurley.

Liang alongside his partner were patrolling the public housing development on November 20th at the time of the incident. Gurley was unarmed while standing in a darkened stairwell as he was waiting for an elevator when Liang opened fire.

Liang was placed on desk duty following the shooting, but depending on the charges, he may be suspended with no pay.

Liang will appear in court on Wednesday.


Jon Stewart Resigns from The Daily Show

The Daily Show host, Jon Stewart makes the decision to resign from his position from the popular show.

The announcement of his life was made by the Comedy Central President, Michele Ganeless after Stewart he informed his audience during his Tuesday taping.

According to the Associated Press, Kevin Convey, chair of Journalism at Quinnipiac University called Stewart’s announcement a milestone and stated that. “His departure is ‘the end of an era that saw an entire generation turn to comedian for news and views for the first time…’ ”

Stewart was well know for his satirical take on serious issues in national and political news. He has not yet stated the reason for his leave.


US & Britain Embassy evacuates its Yemen Embassy

Due to uncertain security measures and ongoing political instability, the State Department has made the decision to close the US Embassy in Yemen.

The State Department confirmed late Tuesday that it would close the Embassy and evacuate its staff because of these concerns.

The Britain Embassy has also made the decision to evacuate their staff early Wednesday.

The State Department has also issued travel warnings advising US citizens to avoid travel to Yemen and also urging Americans living in Yemen to leave.

Yemen has been in a state of crisis for a few months.


Suspected case of Ebola in London, Ontario

The London Health Science Centre made a statement on Tuesday night that two patients were admitted with Ebola-like symptoms.

The patients were placed directly in isolation and are currently under investigation at the Victoria Hospital.

This is the yet to be a case of Ebola to hit Canada. Although, it has not been confirmed what the symptoms were or if the patients were related.

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