Skanking at the Edge of the Universe

Skanking at the Edge of the Universe


Hey there listeners/fans, I know I am a bit late on the post but have no fear because it is here now.

So I bet you are wondering what went down on the show last week – and you would be right to do so. It was amazing – We looked at a new type of ska/hip-hop fusion based music. Leading the way was the Mad Conductor, a MC based ska band coming from the swamps of New Orleans, he is the rudest of all rude boys. Check some of that music out on YouTube or my show on Friday, next up was those little scamps in the band kid british – a sort of calypso/R&B sound that is the next most comparable, their sweet sultry tones ease me into a good mood every time I listen.

Now here I sit, studying for exams, and I know you will be soon as well, so what does this mean for you and I. It means that next show will be all about slower, smooth ska, getting into exam season soon, ambient music becomes the best study tool. Nothing that is going to make you want to dance or jump around, but something very subtle – so tune in next week for some non-lyrical ska and some more ambient tones!

EZ – out

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