The Mind is a Complicated Thing

The Mind is a Complicated Thing

This past Sunday was our 3rd show and if you missed it… Well ya shouldn’t have because we talked about something that is often hidden in the corner…. Mental Health. Being university students we have no idea how important our Mental Health is. Well let’s leave it to our Co-Host Miss Adwoa Toks to shed some light on this very real situation:

Hey cool kids! It’s the month of October and for those of you who don’t know, it is also Mental Health Awareness month.  Mental health is so important especially for university students because believe it or not a lot of us are struggling with it.  From anxiety, to depression, to bipolar disorder and everything in between a lot of young people are dealing with it and not being treated.  The stigma towards mental illness is strong and prevalent in our everyday lives, from hearing people tell others “stop being so crazy” or hearing people’s views on these issues and saying “they just need to get over it” and that “it’s all in their head” who would ever want to go out of their way to get the help they need. So instead they stay quiet and lost and bury all of it inside until the problem becomes detrimental to their learning and living.  In 2011 a study was conducted amongst 1,600 university of Alberta students and “About 51 per cent reported that, within the past 12 months, they’d “felt things were hopeless.” Over half felt “overwhelming anxiety”.  Mental illness is rising and a problem that isn’t as far away as you may think it would be.

In honour of  Mental Health Awareness month, remember to be good to yourself, yes we all have responsibilities but we also have hearts that get tired and bones that need to relax and minds that need to get back to peace.  Do whatever reminds you of who you are the most, assignments and tests and relationships can take up a lot of our time so much so that we lose ourselves and become nothing more than our activities and interactions.  You’ve got to love and appreciate yourself, you deserve to be who you want to be.   just be a friend or a shoulder to lean on, if you see that a friend is stressed ask them out to watch a movie or get a cup of coffee, tell someone you care about them. That you’re proud of them and if you have a friend that you know is dealing with some kind of mental illness give them praise when they have an awesome day.  Give them a hug when they’re having a not so awesome day.  This may not seem like much but it just takes those 5 minutes of conversation, 5 minutes of laughing until you can’t breathe to know that although life may get heavy it is still beautiful and lovely and worth living.

Here’s a little song in case you ever need to remember

(Better Days – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros)

-Adwoa Toks

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