90's Games, Oldschool, and Batman Soundtrack!

90's Games, Oldschool, and Batman Soundtrack!

So and another week goes by and DJ Call.me.leon has had another successful show. he talked about your favorite 90’s video games, and play some new requests!

Who out there remembers Supersmash Bros, Mortal kombat 3, pokemon Red and Blue. We talked briefly about the influence of those old school games on today’s day and age.

We also had a contest for the first time in A.T.B.C History!. Dj cham.e.leon played Brandy’s ‘Where are you now’ and got listeners to facebook in and tell him how it connected to friday the oct 25th! The winner got a won a pint with the Dj himself at Duke of Wellington

The winner was Curtis Girvin who guessed correctly.

the answer: The theme of the night was video games and Batman is released this Friday and Brandy tune is from the batman forever soundtrack!, kinda tricky but we know you all used Google anyways!

an you name all those games?
Can you name all those games?

next week DJ Chameleon  will talk about your favorite Books and Novels from the 90’s

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