Christa Mercey's 'Floorboards EP' Review

Christa Mercey's 'Floorboards EP' Review

For Fans Of: Lana Del Rey / First Aid Kit

Following in the footsteps of her award-winning musical family (The Mercey Brothers are seven-time award winners), Christa Mercey’s debut EP, Floorboards brings a unique sound to the Canadian indie music scene. Recorded in Waterloo, and funded by the Region of Waterloo Arts Fund, Floorboards combines innate percussion lines with upbeat ukelele melodies (both played by Mercey herself) that will leave listeners impressed.

A stand-out on the album for me was “If You Want It That Way,” which in my opinion, is really where Mercey’s percussion background is brought forth and the unique sound of the album really comes to light for listeners.

So, if you’re looking for a different sound or some cheerful melodies to get you through the day, or even just looking to support a local musician, pick up Christa Mercey’s Floorboards EP, its definitely worth the $4.00 (CAD) to download.

To Download a Digital Copy: Click Here


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