StillNative's ‘StillNative’ Review

StillNative's ‘StillNative’ Review

StillNative is a rawbeat rock duo who hail from Ottawa Ontario  and their self-titled debut album is a throwback to the old days of rock and roll while making a statement with “subtle mambo and New Orleans back-beat.” This duo keeps you hooked with seamless grooves and long riffs making the lack of a bass player completely unnoticeable.

What I liked most about this music is the bluesy tempos and jazzy feel to some of the songs. StillNative weaves together these different genres of music, catchy vocals, and original songwriting to make these incredibly catchy songs that just pull you in and makes me want more. There are certainly songs for every mood on here whether you want to dance or just sit and brood. The duo has a lot of depth and insight with their lyrics that compliment the down to earth sound they have created.

While there are currently no upcoming tour dates this duo continues to rock performances in Ottawa and we will most likely see them on tour soon. This album is definitely worth a listen and it is certainly not the last we have heard from StillNative. Overall I would give this album an 8/10 and two thumbs up for a kick ass debut album.


“I don’t know how music works, I’m just glad that it does” -Lou Brutus


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