Awesome Energy!

Awesome Energy!

Hey listeners! On our last show we delved into the world of energy. What is energy, where does it come from and why it is important to use less. We discussed the importance of using less fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas and oil and instead using more renewable sources of energy like solar, wind, hydroelectric and geothermal. Of course every energy source has its ups and downs but renewable resources tend to have less negative side effects.

To dive into the topic yourself check out Natural Resources Canada and National Geographic

Here at Laurier we are committed to demonstrating leadership in environmental stewardship and reducing energy consumption. There are many green features around campus and great ways to save energy everyday! To learn more about Laurier’s sustainability initiatives and energy conservation plans visit their website

Also, check out the dashboard to get updates about energy usage by building and a list of the green features at Laurier

Last week we featured Willie Nelson as our eco-steward! This incredible 80 year old man has had many great hits throughout his career and worked towards sustainability efforts for a long time. He was a founding member of the Green Music Group and co-created the concert benefit series FarmAid which supports American farmers.

We had some great eco-confessions as well, but this week we want to know what you do to use less energy everyday!

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