Passenger's 'All The Little Lights' Review

Passenger's 'All The Little Lights' Review

For Fans Of: Ed Sheeran / Boy & Bear

British folk singer/songwriter Passenger is back with his 2012 album release of All The Little Lights. Passenger once again hits home with a collection of songs ready to put any listener in a good mood. With catchy choruses’ and upbeat tempos, All The Little Lights provides the perfect accompaniment to any chilly fall day. Lyrically impressive All The Little Lights is an easy pick-up for fans of folk and easy-listening alike.

Personal favourites off the album include, “Circles”, the live recording of “I Hate”, and “Keep On Walking.” After giving the album a quick listen through, it is easy to see why Passenger spent the last while opening for such impressive acts as Ed Sheeran.

So go grab a warm mug of something and give All The Little Lights a listen, guaranteed you’ll be singing along in no time.

To Download a Digital Copy of All The Little Things on iTunes click here.


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