Got Bars?

Got Bars?

Wuddduuupp friends? I hope yall are still running on some of that O-Week adrenaline because we are fist deep into Fall semester and things are getting real. Lord knows we haven’t been doing too many of our readings (same with yall) buuuut we’ve been in these streets like yellow paint. Does that get more gangsta the more I say it? Thought so.

We kicked things off with some headlines starting with the God Yeezus himself. Last week at Pusha T’s listening party, Kanye went on another classic rant about how Pusha is one of the hottest in the game and totally represents black culture. Maybe a little much but Yeezy should be less focused on King Push and his recent assault charge that could put him behind bars for 10 years. I don’t think Jordans and jump suits go together.

We also had a little urban album debut debacle. Last week we told yall that The Weeknd and 2 Chainz both dropped an LP. Well the results are in and the kid from Toronto brought it home. Abel out sold Tity Boy by a few thousands copies. Big ups to both these duuuudes. Feel it Keith Urban.

ALSO! I gotta get my battle rap 2 cents in here. At King of the Dot`s World Domination 4, Dizaster didn`t quite get to finish off his third round against Arsonal. Sooooo, he went backstage and rapped the rest as it should have been heard. Check out the BARS here. Trust me… you won`t be let down. ps: skip to 44:58

Okay soooo we are in full swing with our new segments. REAL or RATCHET this week was fun. I read Kamo some questionable quotes from some of our fave rappers. These are things rappers have said in passing or in interviews that are a tad outrageous. Surprisingly, we deemed a lot of them real. Take a look for yourselves are let us know your thoughts. Quotesonquotesonquotesonquotes. 

Keeping the reeaaaalness flowing we brought in our best segment to date. (I think) This week`s REALNESS was about rappers being good people. I think toooo many times we bring you the most ig`nant parts of the culture and we decided to show our humanitarian side. Word to the WWF. This past week, Drake and The Game donated a total of $32,000 to help an Ohio woman rebuild her burned down house. We also touched on some other rappers that have done good in their communities. Check out the full list here. You may be able to disregard Juicy J`s so called donation.

Talking about Mr. Trippy. Juicy J provided us with this week`s Glaysh`s Guilty Pleasure. The song is called Show Out and it features Big Sean and Young Jeezy. Check out the video here and tuuuuurrrrn up!

Our UNDERGROUND KING is UK rhyme slinger and battler Shotty Horroh. Shotty has been on the battling circuit for a minute now. He`s recently been killing the UK rap scene and deserves some shine over here in the KW. Check out his newest album Xombie Xoo right here. The interview is on the way just waaaaiiittt on it…

Now time for everyone`s favorite segment…. VERSE OF THE WEEK. This week we decided to pick The Most Underrrated Verse. Now we aint talking about a dope verse form a no name rapper, we are talking about a no name verse from a dope rapper. Kamo went with Kendrick`s verse on DJ Khaled`s They Ready. I went with Lil Wayne`s verse on Jim Jones`Weatherman. With our big homie Ryan Little judging, it`s safe to say Kamo took the win. Hes currently 2-1 this semester. I gotta step up. Heavy!

Well, that`s it from us this week. Check us out next week same time, same place. Oh yeahhhhh, we got DJ Dub coming thru to do the Brantford Takeover. Just call it campus synergy.








Peace, Love & Kanye`s Court Outfit.



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