A New DJ and a hot day

A New DJ and a hot day

Hello Radio Laurier Listeners! This is DJ Chloe, a brand new DJ to the Morning Show who joined DJ Mpeg for the first time on air today! It was a fun show. Here is what we talked about…

Our Laurier Problems segment was dedicated to the fearless, terrifying geese on campus and the long, twisting line outside the Bookstore. The geese are definitely a problem, forcing students to walk quickly and avoid their flocks. Our Laurier Solution was to not under estimate them and avoid those guys at all costs. I saw some funny tweets about the Bookstore line up on twitter, as it now takes up much of the Concourse. Our Laurier Solution is to try to go during O-week next year, or just hold off on buying your books until the line gets shorter, it may not be worth it to get them right away!

Our out the window weather and our DJ Double Shots songs was centered around the very unexpected hot weather we are having today. DJ Mpeg made sure to warn all you not to wear a sweatshirt like he did today, poor guy! I guess we should try to enjoy it lasts!

Some of the Entertainment News we discussed was Miley Cyrus’ new music video for the song “Wrecking Ball”, which has gotten the most views in 24 hours on Vevo. Also, some more serious but popular news concerning developments in Syria and George Zimmerman’s wife telling police he threatened her with a gun. In more fun news, the viral youtube video of a girl twerking against a wall, and falling over and catching on fire when her roommate walks in (if you haven’t seen it, look it up on youtube for a laugh), was actually a prank by Jimmy Fallon! He got us!

For Laurier/KW Happenings, we talked about things like the Laurier Men’s Football Team loosing their third game of the season against York, who they haven’t lost against since 2002 (ouch). Also, a door knocking program Waterloo Police have been using to spread the word to students about what is and isn’t allowed in the residential areas of the city of Waterloo. These are things students should know, for example, you could get a $65.00 fine for public intoxication.

For our retro segment of the day, we played The Beatles “Yellow Submarine”, because DJ Mpeg and I wished we were in a yellow submarine, or by some body of water today. Ha!

Thanks for tuning in today, and make sure to tune in tomorrow at 9 a.m.!


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