It's the Food & Drink episode!

It's the Food & Drink episode!

Hey localvores,

If you didn’t happen to catch the show last night, don’t fret! Here’s everything you missed –

1. We talked about resources and places to score and learn about local food!
Foodlink is an amazing resource for people looking to eat locally grown and produced food. With interactive maps organized by the type of item you’re looking for, you’ll always be in the know. Be sure to take a look at their list of local farms as well to know your farmer. You can find Foodlink on Twitter as well.┬áThen we took a look at some microbreweries that are close to home. Want a locally crafted brew? Check out The Brick Brewing Company, Grand River Brewing Company, or Lion Brewery and Gold Crown Breweries (at the Heuther Hotel).

2. We took a look at bars & restaurants in KW that help support local food & drink
For great local noms check out Duke St. Muse, Taco Farm, and Seven Shores Urban Market & Cafe
Craft brews your dish? Best visit Imbibe, Beertown, and Jane Bond, here in KW and BarVolo or TallBoys in Toronto.

3. We talked about ways to keep your diet in the good books when you’re busy, on the go, or don’t know how to cook
If you’re on the go eating can be hard but, Meal in a Jar is here to help! If you avoid the kitchen at all cost because it’s a fearsome abyss, check out Relish Cooking Studio. They’ll help you conquer your fear.

Finally just a few things to note –

– It’s the busker carnival in Uptown Waterloo this weekend!
– If you’re in Cambridge, be sure to check out A Day & A Night in downtown Hespler
– Feel like expanding your volunteer profile and editor experience? Check out these awesome positions available with the Cord Community Edition
– Mark your calendars for the Waterloo Region Food & Drink expo September 19-21
– Read some awesome food & drink related stories via Alternatives Journal & The Atlantic

and last but not least, go visit Cheeses Murphy‘s downtown daytime location in the Duke St. Food Block! Seriously. Go. Now. They’re open Monday – Friday 11-7pm. You’ll regret it if you don’t.


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