Fame Game

Fame Game

Hello radio land listeners!


DJ Kpop is here for the blog recapping the show for you!


First let’s talk about some KW happenings going on this Friday. The Busker Festivals is on from August 22-25 . It is happening uptown waterloo. For schedule go to www.waterloo-buskers.com. Starlight has DJs Flash and Surreal! Spinning the best in old school hip hop, dance and party jams! FREE BEFORE 11 PM $5 after 11 PM Doors at 10 PM 19+. Jane bond has  DJ LEANNE RHYME Classic rock, 60’s & 70’s garage rock, psychedelic rock, prog rock and more! No cover, DJ at 10 PM 19+. Maxwell’s Music House is having a Breast Cancer Fundraiser called Boob Stock. Bands featured are Fourth of kin, Sex Panther 19+ 8:30pm- 11:45pm and costs 10.


Entertainment news today, Ben Affleck is playing batman in the Man of Steel sequel. There has been a lot of hate for this decision. I do not have enough information on Batman comics or movies to give an educated opinion so I leave you with this. In other film news is there too much 3D in movies? Hollywood is being criticized by some directors of pushing 3D onto directors who are not comfortable with it.Domestic audiences in North America are becoming tired of paying extra for a movie that looks perfectly good  without 3D. It seems in internationally markets like China will not look at anything that is not 3D. Hollywood will not being cutting back on 3D anytime soon but it is some food for thought of how the  creative production of movies are being determined by big studios like Warner Bros.


How to for today is… how to become famous for doing nothing! Here are your 5 steps to achieve this goal:

  1.  Find a relation to a famous family member
  2. Date your way to fame. Make sure your relationship is publicized.
  3. Get on a reality TV show. This is always a classic choice
  4. Say something stupid on the news. Always be on the look out for the news crew in your area.
  5. Start a blog. you tube channel. These are a new age technology fame. Try and have an interesting topic that people would want to know about, or be really funny.


My Summer problem for the day is how fast Summer went by! Or how it feels like it went by fast. Fall is just around the corner and school will be in session! I am not sure if I’m ready for that mind set just yet!


That’s all for blog today! Tune Monday at 11am for the next Morning Show!









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