Good Grief!

Good Grief!

Hey there radio land listeners!


DJ kpop is here for the blog today recapping the dirty details of the show!


Let’s get into some KW happenings for this gorgeous Monday. A Day in the life of 1914 Waterloo Region Museum, 11am-4pm. Each day in August, visitors are invited to take a break from their visit to help the farmers and village with their everyday chores, listen to a special presentation by one of the historical interpreters, or take part in a pleasant pastime. Admission prices are: $10 Adults,  8 Seniors/Students, $5 Children,  Children four and under free $25 Family (all admission plus HST). Free Meditation Sitting 7:30pm-8:45pm at Grand River Unitarian Congregation Building located at 299 Sidney Street South.Whether you are new to meditation or are an old hand, and irregardless of your religious affiliation, you are welcome to join us!


Entertainment news for the day the iconic band Kiss has bought their own Arena Football League expansion team. The team is called L.A. Kiss, which will participate in the league’s 2014 season. Gene Simmons tells ESPN that buying the franchise was a logical move, given the similarities between a high-intensity football game and a crazy Kiss show. I never have thought when I have watched a football game that you know what this reminds me of a Kiss concerts! Mind boggling.


How to for the day is…. How to read the signs that you are too old! Here are fews warning signs to look out for:

What’s that sound in every song now? That dubstep thing? Yea, you can’t handle that.

Not having health insurance: too old for that.

Moving an entire apartment of heavy junk is off the table.


Summer problems for the day are students moving in for September. There has been people moving in and out of my apt building because of the school year soon approaching but do you have to be so loud? I guess it doesn’t help that my apt building is old and any sound made in the hallway echoes!


Thanks for reading the blog and remember to tune in Wednesday at 11am with a special guest ‘ The Captain’ who hosts the show “Blackspot” on Radio Laurier, who will be joining me!





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