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DJ Kpop is here for the blog recapping the fantastic show we had!


Today on the show we had an interview from our station manger James Blake . He got the once in a life time chance to  interview Pete Williams the creator of the cult classic TV show Undergrads. First lets get into some KW happenings and news


Today events in the KW area are Gallery Activities at Waterloo Region Museum. It is happening every day in August,from 10:30am,-3:30pm visitors are invited to have a little bit of fun in the Museum’s exhibit galleries. The activity list will be available upon arrival and will be posted on the museum’s website. Admission prices are $10 Adults, $8 Seniors/Students, $5 Children, Children four and under free  and $25 Family  and all admissions plus HST). Here is the website to check out the daily activities http://waterlooregionmuseum.com/upcoming-events.aspx. ETHEL’S TRAY RACE is happening to at Ethels’s Lounge parking lot which is located at 114 King ST. N at 1pm. Restaurants from around the region race (through an obstacle course) against each other while carrying a tray of bottled water. All in good fun and trying to raise money for the MS SOCIETY-Kitchener/Waterloo.  Blood Mobile is on the move at Stanley Park Community located at 505 Franklin Street North from 9am-2pm.


Into some music news Phoenix and R. Kelly Collaboration! Yes you read that right.  Back in April, Phoenix and R. Kelly stunned the Coachella crowd with their very unlikely stage collaboration. The R&B veteran and French indie-rockers came together for a mash-up of Kelly’s slow-jam classic “Ignition” and Phoenix’s propulsive “1901.” And in a recent interview with Radio.com, Phoenix sheepishly hinted that this collaboration might even result in new music. The band quotes “Before going onstage we always put on R. Kelly’s music, which is very far from our music, but we love his art. So we created a mash-up between our music and his music. We sent it to him and he said yes. The funny part is he arrived late so we didn’t see him before. We met him onstage. We didn’t rehearse so there was a beautiful tension.”

Interesting news this weekend there was the world’s first lab grown hamburger.The taste testers of this meat said it wasn’t terrible but it didn’t taste exactly natural.took cells from a cow’s neck and replicated them using stem cells into 20,000 strips of muscle, and then combined them with lab grown fat to make a patty. Also Wi Telecommunications Inc. just unveiled a new solar-powered laptop that can run for 10 hours straight on a single charge! The Sol laptop features built-in foldable solar panels, so it can be used in off-grid areas and countries where access to electricity is limited. The makers claim the device can run directly off solar energy and can harness enough power to fully charge its battery in less than two hours.


Now onto the main event of the interview with Pete William’s the creator of Undergrads. James Blake our very own station manger, chatted to Pete Williams about some of his favourite epsiodes of the series and the future of the show. Rest asure fans there is potential for an Undergrads movie or second season. If you would like to support Undergrads you check out their Facebook and keep an eye on Kick Started.


Thanks for reading the blog and remember to tune in Wednesday 11am for the next show!

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