Sunny Friday

Sunny Friday

Good Morning KW!

DJ Kpop is here for the blog today recapping the shows.


Here is goes!


KW events going on today are Gallery Activities at Waterloo Region Museum. It is happening every day in August, visitors are invited to have a little bit of fun in the Museum’s exhibit galleries. The activity list will be available upon arrival and will be posted on the museum’s website. $10 Adults, $8 Seniors/Students, $5 Children, Children four and under free, and $25 Family (All admissions plus HST) The times activities are happening at are  10:30am, 11:30am, 12:30pm, 1:30pm, 2:30pm, 3:30pm. Here is the website to check out the activities Uptown waterloo wedding show 1pm-8:30pm Uptown Waterloo Square featuring, your local uptown wedding specialists Draws for free wedding packages & services. Great deals on anything from your DJ, Photographer or Flowers. Kitchener Blues Festival going on 1pm-11pm. It is happening Downtown Kitchener with Stages/4 Nights/More than 60 free Concerts/Downtown Kitchener! Check out for more information.

In some tech news, w ould you pay for a plastic  iPhone? The possible plastic iPhone has been dubbed the “iPhone 5C.” The photos don’t hold much in the way of details, other than showing the plastic outside casing, but they’re adding to the anticipation of a low-cost iPhone announcement coming this fall.


How to for the day is, how to gain your cat’s trust. Yes this important for when cats take over the world, cause let’s be honest they will one day.  Here are a few tips:

Feed your cat regularly so that he knows that you’re the one who gives it food and shelter. If you keep this up they will keep you as a servant.

Give your cat some treats when he or she is nice to you and he will do it a lot more as he knows that he will get a prize. You need to train the masses of cats they will be rewarded for good behaviour so they won’t start a violent uprising.

Try to get on the same level as your cat. It will see that you’re not a threat to it. The cat will become more calm around you. Bow down to your  cat.


Summer problems of the day would be for Lukis the busy month of August. August being the last month of Summer everything that needs to be done by the end of Summer and preparing for Fall is all shoved into a few weeks. My summer problem was sunburns. Lukis and I discussed the worst spots for sunburns. Mine was the shoulders because of the female pain of wearing bras. Lukis was the upper back because your shirts rub against it and you can’t move your arms much.


Thanks for reading the blog! We will be back on air Monday at 11am! Have a great weekend!




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