That's All Me!

That's All Me!

Wuddduupp friends? Hopefully you have survived any festival this weekend (Veld, Osheaga, OVO Fest) and can recoup tomorrow for the upcoming work week. Unfortunately due to low funds and a hectic work schedule, I was unable to attend any of these fabulous festivals sooo here I am giving yall the basics. Ha!

After a few technical difficulties due to our new and improved broadcast system (word to RL Papi), we kicked things off with some OVO Sounds. Mr. Toronto himself dropped a throw away track entitled ‘All Me’. The song features GOOD rappers 2Chainz and Big Sean. Of course the song is a smash but did Drake get shown up on his own song? We think so. B. I. B. I. bitch BIG went off on his closing verse and took the title of best verse for sure. Check out the song right here and let us know what yall think. Would you like an anthem?

We moved onto to some throwback tracks and took it to the D. *pause* I’ve really been bangin’ this little group called Slum Village. You may have heard of them. Their production is some of the best ever mainly because of beat/board master J. Dilla. Some of their stuff is really lyrically nifty and other stuff is hella catchy. Check out two of my faves right here and here. Nothing wrong with going back…

GGP this week? FuckwitmeyouknowIgotit. I had to throw back once again. Not too too far though. I brought back the ultimate banger. That’s right people, senor Ross. Rick Ross’ 2012 LP “God Forgives, I Don’t’ brought such bangers like Hold Me Back and 911 BUT I switched it up a tad. This week, Glayshs Guilty Pleasure was ‘So Sophisticated’ featuring Philly spitter Meek Mill. The song features a bangin’ beat with rapid fire lyrics that would 100% turn up any venue/club/house/shower without thinking twice. Check out the video right here. Mmmmmmmmmaybach music.

Okay, time to get real. The realness this week was a little impromptu but it was from the heart. I actually took on the role of hip-hop myth buster. Since the beginning of time, it has been well known in the hip-hop community that battle rappers can’t make good rap music. And for the most part, this is has proven true. Buuuuutt, this kid named Rone is proving that wrong. This battle rap beast from Philly is tearing up the battle scene but also making really cool music. His first LP ‘The First Story’ has been played countless times on our show and his new single is even better. The song is called ‘Stranger’. Check out the video here. Myth = Busted.

We finished things off with a little local love. Thanks to our good friend @therunawaymusic , we spun some classic hip-hop tracks from Die Rek and Orijin. Both these Toronto MCs are putting out some really dope music with that classic TDot sound. The boom baps and bars here are crazy. Check their stuff out here and here. Hip-hop is dead? Nope. It lives in the north.

Well, that’s it from me this week. Check the kid out next week same time and place. Join in on the conversation on Twitter @RLRapUp and le tus know what you think about the summer hip-hop scene. Also, feel free to request some songs no matter how ratchet… we are listening.










Peace, Love & An OVO Fest Ticket Price.

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