I'm way too in to this.

I'm way too in to this.

Happy Friday darlings,

If you missed the show last night, have no fear here’s the scoop!

On the 9th episode of GS&CT we talked all about obsession. Obsession with global, continental, and regional things!

On a global scale, we talked about the internet! Being direct products of the internet it’s no surprise that we’ve developed a bit of an addiction. With Web 2.0 being the norm and what we grew up with being super passé, it’s the instant gratification that keeps us hooked. If you think you’ve got things under control, best check again by reading through these 20 signs that you’re spending too much time on the internet via Thought Catalog.

Across North America, older generations have constantly painted the younger as lazy, unappreciative, and narcissistic. Joel Stein’s Time Magazine article titled The Me Generation took that condescension to a new level and as a result, the time old debate ignited once more. You can check out a preview to Stein’s article but, it’s behind a pay wall. Instead, check out the horrible video that accompanies it! Come back to me when you’re done banging your head against the wall.

In more regional conversations, we looked at the startup culture that residents of Waterloo Region love to talk about! I mentioned a great story put together by uWaterloo’s Angela Pause about why Mike McCauley, Michael Litt, and Stephen Lake, all decided to keep the startups they cofounded right here in KW!

Nothing ground breaking on the audio front but here’s one song from the show that you’ll want to listen to over and over again: The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition

Some notes for next week:

1. It’s the 10th show and I want to do something awesome! Hit me up with your ideas on Twitter or on Facebook and let’s build something together!
2. The 11th issue of the Cord Community Edition comes out today so be sure to pick up a copy! You can find out where to grab a print version on the CCE website at the bottom of the page under Where to Find Us.Oh! If tote bags are  your thing, be sure to give the article I wrote on GoGo Mart, a go. Ha. Get it. A go?
3. There’s still time to vote in the CCE’s Best of Waterloo Region poll. Be sure to get your thoughts in for a whole variety of categories from best tattoo shop to best indian food!

Finally, have an awesome, safe and happy, civic holiday weekend!

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