Rain Rain Go Away

Rain Rain Go Away

Happy Monday Morning!


DJ Kpop here for the blog to recap the fantastic show we had today for you!


KW happenings on this rainy Monday are A day in the life… 1914 at the Waterloo Region Museum from 11am-4pm.  Visitors are invited to take a break from their visit to help the farmers and village with their everyday chores, listen to a special presentation by one of the historical interpreters, or take part in a pleasant pastime. The admission prices are $10 Adults, $8 Seniors/Students, $5 Children, Children four and under free and $25 Family (all admission plus HST). Princess Twin Cinema has Unfinished Song at 7:00pm, The Way, Way Back at 6:45pm and  9:00pm, This is the End at 9:00pm. Original Princess Cinema has films Mud at 9:00pm and The Kings of Summer at 7:00pm.


Entertainment news for today is Lady Gaga  makes a video of her getting her septum pierced to promote her new album ARTPOP which is released Nov. 11th. The video itself has no narration or sound. There is background music and is about a minute long. There is an app you can get to send break up texts for you. Literally there is an app for everything now. BreakUp Text foes have a level humor to it. Tsk Tsk is all I have to say to those who seriously use this app.


How to for today has to do with living a lifestyle you might not have been lucky enough to be born into.  Here is your  How To Live Like Royalty:

  1. Research your family history. It’s not likely that you’ll discover a long-lost family member who was royalty, but you may be able to claim some form of kinship with royalty if you go back far enough. Use an online search tool such as ancestry.com to trace your roots.
  2. Dress well in public. Nothing says “commoner” like walking around town in jeans and a hoodie. If you can’t afford tailor-made clothes, find a thrift store. As a bonus, many thrift stores carry older clothes, giving you an old-money air that adds to your royal appearance.


3. Travel, preferably overseas. A chartered jet is preferable, and first-class is quite comfortable, but don’t get hung up on the seating arrangements.


4. Go to exotic vacation places. An important part of being royalty involves not being like everyone else, so avoid Disney World or the Empire State Building. Travel to poor countries in places like eastern Europe, where you can rent a castle for $25 per night or less.


5. Be reserved but not stand-offish. Most members of a royal family would prefer that you like them, but popularity generally does not affect their job prospects


6. Eat well. It’s rare that you’re stuck behind royalty in a fast-food drive-through. Eat less often at restaurants, saving your money for fewer meals at nicer places. Order off-the-menu if possible.


7. Find an inexpensive but unusual hobby, such as growing champion brussels sprouts or raising unusual mammals, like hedgehogs or ferrets


8. Move overseas to a much less expensive country if you feel the need to spend money to support your royal pretensions. Mexico, Belize and Costa Rica are excellent destinations for expatriates, and cheap.


9. Accept the downsides of royal life. An extraordinary amount of attention gets paid to royal families with lives every bit as complicated as your own.


10. Embrace the good things in life. Don’t complain. Royalty is, after all, a state of mind as much as a genetic fortune. Treat yourself as well as you’d like others to treat you.


Summer problems of the day are noisy neighbours. I had an issue with my neighbours upstairs having a party and being a bit obnoxious. I was trying to sleep but kept getting woken up by my neighbours. Any solutions for my problem?


That’s all I have for the blog today! Tune in Wednesday at 11am for the next show!


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