Wuddduupp friends?! Miss me? Well I missed yall so I had to slip in with the right grind just give yall these bars. You gon get this work. Ha! This week, I decided to take things a little left for two reasons. #1: I’ve been travelling a lot by myself and have REALLY  been listening to some of these rap songs on another level. #2: No new music worth playing came out this week.

I decided to talk about certain quotes in rap songs that really hit home with me. When I say ‘hit home’, I mean lines that relate to me and have a permanent imprint in my hip-hop memory bank. Don’t worry, there isn’t any Sosa. Sorry Keef… I went through an entire list of certain lines that relate to my life in a certain kinda way but I’m only gunna fill yall in on a hand full. I don’t have all night people.

First off was some classic Kanye. His two bars in the song ‘Champion’ off my favorite hip-hop album of all time (Graduation) is potentially the most inspirational/motivating/uplifting/clever bars I have ever heard. To be exact, Yeezus states: “when it feels like living is harder than dying/for me, giving up is way harder than trying”. Like c’mon son, try and tell em that you ain’t ready to work hella hard right about now. Peep the full track here.

I also took it back to the under ground. North Carolina, more specifically. The OG of OGs himself, Mister Phonte dropped some serious knowledge in his song  ‘Dance In The Reign’. Her says: “He said ‘Te I worry about you in the rap game/I said motherfucker go and get a real problem.” This quote really hit home with because it kinda puts things in perspective. It makes me feel like that one failed mid-term or intramural mess up really ain’t that bad. Check the song here and go get some real problems…

Anyways, that is it from moi. Check me out next week same time, same place for more hip-hop goodness!








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