My Much Music Summer Internship!

My Much Music Summer Internship!

Hey ‘All That Jas’ listeners!

I hope you’re all enjoying your summer breaks and are having a great time away from school! I can’t believe we are about to enter August and before you know it Summer 2013 will be done and we’ll be back at school in September! The saying is extremely true, when you’re having fun time really does fly!

This is especially true for me, because I have been having one of the best summers of my entire life! In the beginning of May I was lucky enough to have landed a summer student position with RBC downtown Toronto working in one of there many head offices in the heart of the city. I loved it and was able to make many connections and great friendships!

When I was least expecting it, I received a call from Much Music who told me that they were “extremely interested” in me for an internship! They told me that out of many many applicant’s they narrowed it down to 12 people, and 4 people would land the internship. This was one of the most surreal moments for me, because I have wanted to work for Much Music for as long as I can remember! So after setting up an interview (which was in the next 24 hours!) I had to prepare and learn as much as I could for my interview. During the next 24 hours I sharpened up on facts about Much Music and worked on my interview questions that I thought they would ask me, and most importantly I picked out a funky outfit that I thought fit the Much Music style and give me that extra edge against my competition.

After my interview I was so confident that I had nailed it and that they liked me, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up. After almost a week of not hearing anything back I had assumed I didn’t land the summer internship and was just happy to have been considered. I ended receiving a call from Much Music telling me I got the internship- and I would start the beginning of July! It was an amazing opportunity for me to work at RBC but it was a no brainer to take the internship and join the Much Music family to pursue my dreams of becoming a Broadcast Journalist!

These last few weeks have been so surreal and an amazing learning experience for me. One thing I have learned since taking on this job is that in this industry it definitely is not so much about WHAT you know, and more about WHO you know. I have taken this into consideration and have not been shy about making as many connections as possible while I’m here for the summer. Some of the cool things I’ve gotten to do so far have been assisting on interviews (Chance The Rapper) and episode shoots (The Wedge, Rapcity, New Music Live, Top 10), going to sound checks (The Jonas Brothers) and working during Live At Much, acting during a small cameo role for the After Degrassi show (which aired on national television!) and blogging for Rapcity & The Wedge and much much more!

So far people I have seen and met include many of the producers for shows such as New Music Live, The Wedge, Rapcity, Top 10 and Countdown, Leah Miller from E!, Tanya Kim (eTalk), Ben Mulroney (eTalk) Damian Abraham (The Wedge), T-Rexx (Rapcity), Liz Trinnear, Scott Willats, Lauren Toyota, Phoebe Dykstra and Chloe Wilde (New Music Live) and Sheena from MTV! Not to mention The Jonas Brothers, Emblem 3, Chance The Rapper and the cast of Degrassi and many more! Along with all these amazing people I have made great friendships with the other 3 interns that were chosen, Janelle, Stefanie and Dontei.

To end this blog I’ve used the Picstitch app to share some of my best memories so far with you all! Check back next month for another update from your newest Much Music Intern! Follow me on Instagram to see what I’ve been up to the rest of the summer! (Jasmineault) or follow me on Twitter (@AllThatJasLive)

Enjoy The Rest of Your Summer



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