Don't Get GASSED!

Don't Get GASSED!

Wuddduupp friends? If you are wondering why my voice is all coarse it’s probably because this past weekend was the WLUSP summer retreat. Hence the reason the big homie Kamo also stopped by to reignite our flame. Pause.

We kicked things off this week with a little throwback track. Two legendary southern hip-hop groups linked up back in 2008 to do a song called ‘International Players Anthem’. You may have heard of them (Outkast & UGK) The song was a perfect display of all four MCs styles and came out of hiding this weekend at the retreat. Shout out to Ryan for the hookup. Ha! If you don’t know the song or wanna take a quick trip down memory lane, check it out right here.

Next we took it back one more time with Glaysh’s Guilty Pleasure. Instead of the typical Ross/Gucci/Flocka/Sosa, I decided to go with a more classy approach to a turrrrn up track… and nothing says classy like Hova himself. This week we I chose ‘Big Pimpin’ by Jay-Z featuring UGK. Please check the symmetry. The song came out way back in 2000 and has killed the clubs/house parties/stadiums since its first radio spin. Nothing more to do than press play and let the “pimpin” begin. Check it out right here.

We had a little revamped Realness this week. *Kamo inspired* We decided to bring in anew term thanks to the recent “gassing” that is going 0n in the rap game. Too often we find rappers that are feeling themselves a little too much and get carried away. Word to Ray J. Therefore, Kamo and I decided to implement the ‘DON”T GET GASSED!” segment. It will attempt to keep these gassed up rappers in check and ensure that no one thinks they are like a God or something. Wait a minute…. That brings us to this weeks’ “gassed up” rapper. Senor West got himself into more trouble this past weekend when he physically assaulted (choked out) a reporter out front of LAX. Not only did this gass him up a tad but he proceeded to finally open his online clothing store and to no surprise, it was gassed. Kanye will be charging his hard working fans upwards of $100 for a simple, basic, white cotton t-shirt. Talk about feeling yoooself. I mean, nothing too unexpected here but still, come on Yeezy, gives us a break… and maybe a Groupon.

We finished things off with another Chi-Town MC who recently became a lot richer. (maybe he can buy some of Kanye’s clothes) Chance The Rapper was been in these streets for a minute, working with tons of rappers such as Childish Gambino, Ab-Soul etc. and he finally dropped his highly anticipated mixtape ‘Acid Rap’ this past April. It is rumored that he recently inked a record deal for in and around 5 million dollars. That is basically the biggest signing bonus in recent history and even surpasses A$AP Rocky and Drake. That is a lot of money invested into a rapper with only two mixtapes. Will it pay off? Will he flop? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter. Holler at us @RLRapUp and let us know yall think!

Buuuut, that is it from us this week. I will be back next week same time, same place giving yall those soothing summer sounds, with a banger mixed in here and there…










Peace, Love & Chance The Rapper’s First Strip Club Splurge

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