Meowing Monday

Meowing Monday

Hey there radio listeners! DJ Kpop is here for the blog!


Wow it was a hot morning today! I hope you all try and stay nice and cool today. Here is your recap of the show today.


KW happenings for  tomorrow at Maxwells has open mic night from 9pm-1145pm. 12$ Mill Street Pitchers. Sign up anytime after 7pm. FREE! Tonight there is Show and Shine Classic Car Monday- Charity BBQ. It is at 563 Highland rd. West. 6pm-8:30pm.  50% of the proceeds from all sales will be donated to Habitat for Humanity. Princess Twin has films Much Ado About Nothing at 6:45pm  and 9:00pm. Original Princess has films Frances Ha at 7:00pm and The Iceman at 9:00pm.


Entertainment news for the day  Glee star Cory Monteith dead at 31. He played the character Finn on the tv series. He was found dead in Vancouver  saturday at the Fairmont Pacific Rime Hotel shortly after noon when he missed his check-out time. The cause of death is unknown and police are still investigating. On to some brighter news Arcade Fire has confirmed their new fourth album will be released on October 29th.


How to for today is well for all you crazy cat ladies out there (including myself). How to know if you are a crazy cat lady:

Here are you warning signs:

1. Understand what it takes to avoid having the term “cat lady” applied to you. Typically a cat lady, while middle-aged and single, owns so many cats that is considered to be a case of animal hoarding. Cat ladies tend not to have enough property to safely care for numerous cats either, or they bundle the cats into one room or small area for all time.Cat ladies also tend to have no boundaries between human and animal interaction. Often a cat lady will refer to her cats as her “children” and make social and even financial decisions based on how it will impact her cats

2. Examine your own behaviour and the signals you’re giving out. A few good questions to ask yourself  Do you currently model any cat lady behavior? Think about how you live your life––do you talk excessively about your cats and refer to them as your babies? Do you bring up the most tedious details about your cats when socializing or at work?

3. Remember that your cat is an animal while your friends are fellow human beings. Cats do not equal humans!

4. Reduce the number of framed photos of your cat around your home or on your desk.

5. Choose to be social over staying home with the kitty. The reason why having a cat is wonderful is that he doesn’t need to be walked or even taken to the bathroom. Cats are very content being on their own for long hours––capitalize on that fact and go out instead of staying home to cuddle up to your furry friend. He’ll understand if you ditch him for a hot date.

6. Avoid talking about your cat when on a date or with friends. If your cat did something extremely funny or cute, by all means tell friends about it once, and only now and then.

7. Stop at two cats. As hard as that may sound, anyone who owns more than two cats is surpassing the title of “pet owner” and entering into the “pet collector” zone. Make sure you can care for all your pets!

8. Never dress your cats in clothing or costumes. Unless you want to be a cat lady, don’t buy, make or accept gifts of clothing to dress up your cat. Even on Halloween, resist the angel cat Halloween costume. The same goes for your wardrobe. Any cat t-shirts or sweaters need to hit the Goodwill pile ASAP.

9. Spay or neuter your cats. Contribute to the solution and have your animals neutered when they are young

10. Embrace the term. There is another option, one that any self-respecting woman is entitled to pursue, and that is to turn the tables on the pejorative connotations of being a “cat lady” and to simply embrace it. Provided you’re a responsible cat owner or companion


Summer problems for today would be this heat! I’m trying to stay cool but it is a challenge. I recommend to stay cool is too stay inside with the AC, drink lots of water, and do not push yourself in this weather!


Thats all for the blog today! Remember to tune in Wednesday at 11am for the next Morning Show!

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