Kreayshawn's 'Somethin Bout Kreay' Album Review

Kreayshawn's 'Somethin Bout Kreay' Album Review

Where do I start? Let’s start with the basics.

Natassia Zolot, the 22-year-old Oakland rapper somehow known as Kreayshawn, got to mainstream popularity in just the way you would expect in today’s hip-hop scene…overnight via YouTube. She’s a typical one-hit wonder in the Internet age— a girl who very possibly by accident recorded a picture perfect pop-rap hit (catchy, simple, viral, video accompanied etc.) and proceeded to follow it with a disaster of a record.

That disaster is entitled Somethin’ Bout Kreay. It envokes the exact same embarrassment of walking in on a younger sibling dancing awkwardly in front of their bedroom mirror. It features dance songs so spastic that no one could ever even imagine to move to them gracefully, pop songs so brittle that no one could ever pick lines worth singing along to and rap verses so poorly put together that practically anyone could rewrite them and make them 100 times better.

While she often come up  in a hip-hop talks, Kreayshawn doesn’t so much rap here as half-sing/speak. She sounds like the nervous kid in class that’s been called on to read aloud, who is short of breath and always painfully off-beat. On other songs she’s literally a deer in the headlights. Her flow is so lost as she reaches for weak boasts about how much gold/money/fame/fans she’s got, constantly dismissing her haters and unbearably forcing unmemorable lines that make zero sense.

To really put things into perspective here, her carbon copy sidekick, Lil Debbie, has been making music that is way catchier, her labelmate and mentor V-Nasty’s new album, in terms of lyrics, might as well be illmatic in comparison. Just imagine watching the ‘Gucci Gucci’ music video for the very first time and knowing that just about a year later after hearing Somethin Bout Kreay, you would be feeling so nostalgic for how traditional and authentic ‘Gucci Gucci’ is. Seriously. It’s that bad.

You can’t say that Somethin’ Bout Kreay is a waste of Kreayshawn’s talent, because to be honest, talent is practically non-existent in her case. The only good thing I could find on the 13 song LP was the beat for the lead single ‘Gucci Gucci’ which is actually half decent. Keep in mind, it has been remixed several times by rappers who can actually find the pocket of the instrumental and not totally butcher the mediocre to good synths and sample.

Sorry but that shit ain’t Kreay…

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