Oh What A Night

Oh What A Night

Ello radio land listeners!


DJ Kpop is here for the blog! Lukis and I had an amazing show for you lovely listeners today! So let’s get right into the recap shall we?


KW events for the today  are at Starlight it is Fresh Fade Friday with DJs Flash and Surreal! Spinning the best in old school hip hop, dance and party jams! FREE BEFORE 11 PM. $5 after 11 PM. Doors at 10 PM 19+.  Jane Bond has DJ LEANNE RHYMES. Classic rock, 60’s & 70’s garage rock, psychedelic rock, prog rock and more! No cover DJ at 10 PM 19+. Maxwells has JUICE CD Release Concert with guests Aphrodite’s Bodice – 19+ 8:30 pm – 11:45 pm. If you are looking for a chill atmosphere I recommend the Jazz Room. The Jazz Room has Jazz clinic with Adam Bowman and Jason Raso. Free of charge! 4:30pm to 5:30pm  Bring our instrument or come to listen, as the best of festival performers share their art and inspiration. Allison Au Quartet and Audi Braun Quartet 6pm-8:30pm.. Check out www.kwjazzroom.com/calendar to get tickets. Robi Botos Trio 9:30pm-11:45pm tickets again available on jazzroom website. If you are looking for some spice in your life KW Latin festival. At waterloo public square 2pm to 11pm. Free festival, for all ages, featuring contemporary Latin music by local, national and international artist. Ethnic food, crafts. Cruising on King is going on at Victoria Park and King Street. It is the largest parade of it’s kind in Ontario. Show and shine in Victoria Park  3pm-7pm. The Cruise on King Street from 7pm-8pm . Car Show on Street from 8pm-10pm plus live music, exhibits and activities!



Entertainment news today started on a high note but slowly went to a low note. Dropkick Murphy’s have donated over $300,000 to 60 victims of the Boston Marathon Bombings. Dropkick Murphys released t-shirts that read “For Boston” on the front and “Thank you, to all who purchase this shirt. All proceeds go to the victims and families of the Boston Marathon Bombings. Love, Dropkick Murphys” on the back.No condoms for Daft Punk. It’s come out that the Daft Punk-brand “Get Lucky” condom might not actually be real, or at least not an official product. While yesterday (July 10) a picture displaying the packaging of the Daft Punk prophylactic made the rounds on the internet, supposed co-conspirators Durex have now issued a statement denying they’re affiliated with the product. Zombie fever was happening to our neighbours to the south. The Montana U.S emergency alert system was hacked with a Zombie apocalypse. The message said “”City authorities: More areas have reported that the bodies of the dead are rising from their graves and attacking the living”.  Yes, that was the low note but a funny one to say the least.


How To for the day is a life lesson for all… How to take a punch like a hunk… yes you read that right.

Here are your steps:

  1. Train for strength and speed. These exercises help you contract muscles quickly.
  2. Pick the target. Have the bruiser aim at the centre of the abdomen. If the blow lands too high or too far right, it could rattle your liver. To the left, it could squish your spleen. Too low? Busted bladderville or no more children.
  3. Breathe out and tighten up. Incoming punch is on it’s way tighten your tummy muscles to help abosrb the impact and exhale hard so it can’t knock the wind out of you
  4. Bend like a willow. Do not try and hold your ground. Let the force of the slug push you backwards.
  5. Go to some heavy metal concerts. Get yourself into some mosh pits and learn to take the hits.


Summer problems  for the day is lawn cutting. Lukis and I both experienced the trauma of lawn mowers today. My experience was the grass being cut by the City of Waterloo on the Veteran’s park right across from WLU. The man cutting the grass on his big lawn mower went right on the sidewalk where I was walking and blocked my path for about 5 mins and didn’t wave thanks when we he was done . Lukis issue was his lady and him were having issues maintaining the lawn at his lady’s place. Her lawn mower is rusty and broken down. Our conclusion is to speak her landlord about these issues and we encourage everyone else experiencing issues with their landlord to speak to WLU’s Law and Society. They will check out our lease and see the actions you can take.


That’s all for the blog! Thanks for reading it and remember to tune in Monday at 11am for the next show!


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