Passive Agressive Wednesday

Passive Agressive Wednesday

Hey there radio listeners! DJ Kpop is here for the blog!


We had an amazing show today. Lukis and I were accompanied by Lou Progosh who is playing the role of Jimmy Porter in the play “Look back to Anger”. This play is  happening June 20-29 at 8pm at UW Hagey Hall 180 and 10$ a person! We highly recommend you check out this play.


KW events going on this week at Starlight this Thursday Lee Fields and The Expressions with finch and soul sounds from DJ Larry Werd. The tickets are 22$ in advance, doors at 8pm and 19+. Jane bond has tonight DJ Gold Soundz spinning power pop and more. There is NO COVER, DJ at 10pm and 19+. If you are looking to get your taste buds and history on this week  there is  Tea and Tour at Castle Kilbride June 17 to June 28 and at  10:00 am or 1:30 pm. It cost $15 per person Pre-registration is required. * Teas can be made available in July and August please enquire. This castle is located 60 Snyder’s Road Wes,t Baden, Ontario, N3A 1A. Phone number to contact them(519) 634-8444 ext. 256 or Toll Free: 1-800-469-5576 or Website:


How to of the day was…How to look like your are working while are work without actually working.

Here are your tips and tricks!

  1. Keep business papers nearby. This way it will look like you just finished an assignment. You can also use them to cover a magazines and doodles
  2. Print something. Your co-workers will hear the printer and assume you are working.
  3. Wear an expression of frustration when you at your work station.
  4. Open an application or browser on your computer that’s related to your work. When you hear someone coming start clicking the mouse
  5. Engage in conversation with a friend who works with you.


Summer problems going on today with Lukis dealing with bugs. Lukis is now the paranoid man with bugs from his traumatizing experience of a bug crawling on his leg… this was no regular bug either.. it was BIG BLACK GROSS BUG THAT COULD FLY! My summer problem was this humid weather. I have Irish blood in me and I’m just not made to deal with this kind of weather.


Thanks for reading the blog! Tune in Friday at 11am for the next Morning Show


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