What A Week!

What A Week!

Wuddduupp yall?! Sooo this was the week of all weeks in hip-hop. Apart from Kim’s pregnancy + baby naming (SMH), a few albums dropped that you might want to know about.

Let’s start with the two heavyweights. Kanye and J. Cole went head to head this past Tuesday with the release of Born Sinner and Yeezus. The two albums both brought in some serious numbers sales wise, but which one was the better album quality wise? Imma give yall a little early Realness and say that J. Cole had the better album. Why? It sounds way more cohesive and the beats+bars flow much better. Sorry Ye.

We also played some Mac Miller (he also dropped an album on Tuesday) sooo be sure to check out his album as well. Here are a few of my fave tracks off his album here and here. Most dope!

GGP this week was a new track from Drizzy  Drake. He dropped 4 new songs along with the release date for his new album, Nothing Was The Same. Look for it in stores September 17th. The new GGP track can be heard here. I guess that’s just the motion…

Well, that’s it from me. Check us out in two weeks for more hip-hop goodness.








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