Sizzling Morning

Sizzling Morning

Good Morning radio listeners! DJ Kpop is here for the blog!

Wow it was a hot sizzling morning, I hope you all stay cool!

Let’s get right into the recap of the show.


KW events going at Maxwell’s tomorrow night is open mic night starts at 9pm. 19+. 12$ Mill Street Pitchers. Sign up anytime after 7pm. Tonight KW events are Show and Shine Classic Car Mondays, 6pm to 8:30pm at The Shops on 535 Highland road. Classic cars, prizes and entertainment! Princess Twin Cinema has films The Reluctant Fundamentalist 6:30pm, Love is All You Need 6:45pm, Mud 9:05pm, and The Great Gatsby 9:05pm. Original Princess has film Before Midnight 6:45pm 9:00pm.


Entertainment news for the day

Facebook bug exposed contact info of 6Milion users Facebook is alerting 6 million of its users that their e-mails or phone numbers were inadvertently shared with other members. The social network said Friday that it has discovered and patched a bug in its “Download Your Information” tool that unintentionally exposed some members’ contact details. The bug was reported earlier this month through the company’s White Hat Program which rewards security researchers for reporting vulnerabilities. The bug was fixed within 24 hours.Instagram now has a video. It will let users create 15 second videos. This video feature is double the screen time allowed on Twitters Vine App. Instagram video also has a feature called cinema that smooths out the shaky- cam. It comes with 13 new custom filters for the video. You will also be able to select frame you want to appear in the thumbnail of your video when uploaded.The videos play once and do no loop. Music news, the long wait for new music from Arcade Fire  ill soon come to an end. Material from the band’s follow-up to 2010’s The Sunburns will be coming out on September 9th. Film news, the new trailer for the hilarious Anchorman 2 is released! To see the hilarious trailer click HERE. Lego the movie has also had a trailer release. Mark you calendars the film will be in theatres for February 7, 2014. Click HERE for the trailer.


How to for the day  is…. How to throw a white trash party! I recommend you start catching up on Trailer Park Boys.

Venue you will need trailer, if you want to get fancy double wide trailer. In the absence of a trailer, look for your local redneck bar, empty barn or even your garage or driveway, particularly if you have a car that’s up on blocks to add to the hillbilly atmosphere.

Food and Beverages forgot fancy d’oeuvres and wine. You want to have anything in a can, beans and wieners, piggy in a blanket, or any ham type processed meat. The type of beverages  you want  are cheap beer and preferably flimsy aluminum cans that the men can crush against their foreheads.

Decor you want to go as tacky and redneck you can. This means tires, toilets, and bathtubs on the front yard.

Dress for this type of party for women cut off jeans and a tacky crop top. Guys should sport a white muscle shirt or be shirtless. If you are shirtless make sure you have beer belly to show off.


Summer problems of the day would be this humid weather. It needs to go away! My clothes and hair cannot take this weather! Please have some rain soon!


Thanks for reading the blog! Remember to tune in Wednesday at 11am for the next show!


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