Plane, train, taxi cab - all the choices hip!

Plane, train, taxi cab - all the choices hip!

Happy one month, lovelies! Episode 4 of Guitar Strings & Community Things wraps up our three week series looking at the theme of Environment and we’re putting away the heavy hitting questions to have a bit of fun. This week is all about connecting to your environment and it only seemed appropriate to talk a bit about travel given what is in store for the latter half of the week.

On the show this week you’ll hear a conversation I had with the Cord Community Edition’s publisher extraordinaire,┬áBryn Ossington about the 2013 Steel Rails Session – what’s different about it this year, what we can expect to see Friday evening, and why the thought of having a train for a party venue beats any other. Also, a lovely lady by the name of Yuy Ren will be on the show talking about her pet project, Streets of KW. Yuy is attempting to bike/walk every single street in Kitchener-Waterloo. We’ll be talking about why she’s doing this, how she’s hoping it will help her connect to the community further and what she’s learned so far. The tunes lined up? Only the best! Stars, the Hip, Mother Mother, and a good deal more.

Now, I’m heading to Vancouver this coming Saturday (after Steel Rails – which may not be the best decision but there’s no chance I’d miss it) and I’m interested to see how that flight compares with an interesting run in I had with a stranger on the Greyhound coming back from Toronto last Sunday. All this travel talk keeps throwing me back to ’91 and as a result, this song has been stuck in my head for days. Buses, planes, trains, and taxi cabs. By Saturday, I will have covered them all.

Don’t forget to set a reminder for Thursday – catch ya then.


ps. A big shout out to CCE’s darling Editor-In-Chief, Hayley Watson for letting me use her photo for this week’s mixtape cover art.

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