The Most High!

The Most High!

Wudddupp friends?

Hope yall are had a wicked awesome dad’s day cause over here at RL we are sonin’ these suckkkass. That’s right! RadioLaurier won this year’s ‘Community Development’ award at the NCRA. If yall aint know what that means, it’s a big deal. Out of all the local and campus radio stations across Canada, we won. Shouts out to everyone that made this possible for us and pleeeease believe we will keep the community music scene poppin’. HipHop Hangout numero dos on the way… Ha!

Enough stuntin’ for a sec, we kicked off the show with some new music from ScHoolBoy Q, Kendrick Lamar and Joey Bada$$. The TDE boys dropped a song off Q’s upcoming album ‘Oxymoron’. The song is called ‘Collard Greens’ and it features some pretty quick bars by KDot and classic Q. Check it out here. Brooklyn’s finest also dropped some new music. The track is called ’95 Til Infinity’ and it is to be off his upcoming EP entitled ‘Summer Knights’. Check it out right here.

Glaysh’s Guilty Pleasure this week was a little bit of that YMCMBusiness. Birdman and the squad are dropping a compilation album entitled ‘Rich Gang’. The GGP is called Tapout and ir came out a little while ago but I slept on it… naturally. Check out the banggger right here. Ooooo oooo oooooo *Future voice*

The Realness was kicked on the man of the hour. Kanyeezus. Mr. West (who is now a father) is set to drop his 6th solo album on June 18th. Unfortunately due to all the internets out there, it leaked. Twitter and les blogs just erupted with love and hate. At first glance, I wasn’t a huge fan. As I sat with it, I really started to like it. YALL GOTTA TAKE IT IN! If you don’t give this art-abstract-rap a chance, you will never like it. Give the new sounds, synths, rhymes and vocals a chance to win you over… and they will. All praise Yeezus!

That’s it from me this week. Check us out next Sunday at 6pm on for a full review of all the new albums droppin’ this Tuesday. Take a listen yourself and let us know which is your favorite and why! Hit us up on Twitter @RLRapUp.









Peace, Love & ¬†KimYe’s baby-stroller

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