Wakey Wakey

Wakey Wakey

Happy Friday radio listeners! DJ Kpop is here for the blog!


We had an awesome show for you today! Lets get right into the dirty details of the show recap.


KW events going on tonight at Mawell’s is Arrow into the Oceans CD release concert. It is 19+  8:30pm- 11:45pm but it’s sold out! You can chance it to see if you can get in. Starlight is having DJs Flash and Surreal! Spinning the best in old school hip hop, dance and party jams!  FREE BEFORE 11 PM$5 after 11 PM.Doors at 10 PM 19+. Jane bond is having  DJ Leanna Rhythms spinning classic rock, 60’s & 70’s garage rock, psychedelic rock, prog rock and more! No cover DJ at 10 PM 19+. Jazz Room is having  Pram Trio at 6:30pm- 11:30pm. There will be dinner provided there at 6:30pm and 12$ at the door. Ballroom Dancing in the Waterloo Square at 8:30pm-9:30pm, Free dance lessons!


Entertainment news for the day had a lot of tech releases and rumours. Apple  is looking at making a 5.7 inch iPhone.  This may be due to it’s competition with Samsung.. The iPhone would then fall under the ‘phablets’ which are  phone and tablet mix which we have seen in the Galaxy S4. There is also rumours of a multi- coloured iPhones. it would be a low cost iPhone called a “iPhone Mini” and come in 5 different colours. The anticipated film “Jobs” based on life of Steve jobs has a release date. August 16th is the confirmed date. Ashton Kutcher is playing the role of Steve Jobs. My Space officially re-lauches! Myspace once a pioneer in social networking aiming to have a comeback. The new site is focused on entertainment and allowing artist to connect with their followers and share music. This includes a My Radio function that lets users create mixes and stations for fans to follow back. The data base right now contains 53 million songs. There is also an iOS app that includes a Giff makers. North by North East is going on June 11th- 17th in Toronto. To check out Radio Laurier twitter for updates on the event we have sent a couple of people form radio laurier to cover the event!


How To for today was…… How to pull off all nighter. This is an excellent one if you have an assignment due or you just want to stay up all night!


1. Make sure you are determined enough to pull off an all-nighter and have tasks that really need to be accomplished. A clear purpose will keep you focused. Write out a schedule in advance. Try to do the most boring tasks first, while you still have energy.

2. Recruit others to stay up with you. It’s easier to stay up if you have someone to talk to occasionally.

3.Spend the night in a place that is not very comfortable. The nearer you are to your own bed, the more likely you are to want to lie down.

4. Take frequent walks to other rooms or outdoors. Do jumping jacks or run in place to give yourself a boost of energy.

5. Eat light snacks, but stay away from sugar, starches and heavy meals. Drink plenty of water. Caffeinated drinks or energy drinks are an option, but they might make you jittery and cause stomach upset.

6. Keep the room bright and cool. Add some stimulating background noise, like a television show or fast-paced music.

7. Take a 20-minute nap every four hours or so.


Summer problem for today is having night class on Monday and Thursday night. You may wonder why this if you are not familiar with KW area well it is because those are Morty’s cheap wing night.  I have been craving them for a while now and so have my classmates I would love to sit out on the patio with a basket of wings and pitcher of beer with my friends. Sigh….


Thanks for reading the blog today! We are back on air Monday at 11am!

DJ Kpop



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