NYC: Governor's Ball

NYC: Governor's Ball

Hey everyone! I know I ‘ve been a bit absent on here but I’ve been so busy lately! So busy with school, eating menchies and attending Governor’s Ball on Randall’s Island in NYC this past weekend! Yes baby, I was there and it was MUDDY. But I plan on doing a sweet little firsthand recap for all you fellow festival fans.

Friday June 7

Arrived to the festival around 5 p.m. clothed in ponchos and sneakers. Bad idea, since it was a crazy torrential downpour. So we walked into festival gates, super happy, super excited, ‘boo’-ing all the festival goers that were leaving and yelling out “party poopers!” only to come to realization that this was no joke. There was a river flowing between the Honda stage and You’re Doing Great stage and by this time, there was enough mud in my shoe to make the world’s largest mud pie. Anyways, we still rocked a smile and just yolo’ed it out dancing to Young. The Giant. We only heard one song though cause we were waiting for Feist the whole time who bailed cause she didn’t want to get electrocuted. At this point, that smile is starting to turn into a frown.. My body is getting tensed, I am thinking “Oh no, what if I get hypothermia?!” So then we wait for Beach House to perform, we don’t really care how cold we are at this point because whatever, Beach House will be unreal and it will be totally worth it. Waiting for about 40 minutes now.. No sign of Beach House. So my friends and I all looked at each other, and it was like we could instantly read eachother’s minds and it was time to book it back over the bridge and home into a hot shower. Then getting lost and crossing the wrong bridge into the Bronx was another story, but I’ll keep this festival related. When we got home, we realized that Beach House played super late but a short show, and Kings of Leon and Pretty Lights got cancelled due to the storm. Thank goodness we left when we did. We felt bad for those who only purchased Friday tickets.

Saturday June 8

THE SUN IS OUT! We woke up with only one thought in our mind, ‘must-get-rainboots.’ So we each bought a kiddie pair of rainboots from Macy’s (they were on sale too! extra 25% off!) cause there was no way we were doing a repeat of yesterday. We walk in the festival and what do you know, there is still wet mud everywhere. I’m feelin’ superman today because I can do about anything in these rainboots, I could step in lava and still be okay. Anyways we get in the festival during Alt-J’s set. So good. I’ve seen Alt-J once when they played in Toronto and these guys are truly one of a kind. Then we ventured over to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes (OMG moment!!!!!!) I was beyond excited to see them, not only because I am obsessed with Alexander Ebert, but because I love Edward Sharpe, their music is just makes me so happy. They opened with 40 day dream, then played some new stuff from their new album like Man on Fire and That’s What’s Up. We then left to see Azealia Banks, had a little rager to 1991 and her remix to Bauuer’s Harlem Shake. Then we made it back to hear Home by Edward Sharpe.

Because Kings of Leon got cancelled the day earlier, they played on Saturday at the same time at Kendrick Lamar! I’m a fan of both so I got to catch both their performances. Faded…. Drank…. Afterwards, we went to see Animal Collective. I don’t really listen to them as much but it was just bunch of jammin’ out. I didn’t know whether to dance or stand still. Also by this time, my foot felt like it did a million sit-ups from trekking through the mud so I was super tired. Then NAS came on. We stayed for a few songs and left the festival that night a bit early to beat the traffic.

Sunday June 9

The last day, wah. The weather was beautiful, super hot.. It must be cause us Canadian’s are so used to the snow here in June. Some bands that performed in the morning were HAIM, Roadkill Ghost Choir, Steel Pulse, Portugal. The Man, Cold War Kids. Unfortunately we missed Twin Shadow who I really wanted to see but we heard he was super good. We caught a little bit of Foals and made it to hear 3 songs from Yeasayer and a few from Beirut. Then we watched The Lumineers, who were Oh-so-CUTE! They had a choir of little kids on stage as they performed Ho Hey! and these kids were dancing and singing, melting my heart.. making me tear. I was sad that I missed Grizzly Bear. We stayed at Lumineers because the stage was closer to the XX where we wanted to get a good spot. This awesome, super friendly French couple let us stand infront of them during the XX and we got to see the whole stage. I cannot describe the amazing that went through my ears as they played. I can cry reflecting about that moment. Every song they played was so damn good. After, we headed to Kanye West (YEEEZY TAUGHT MEH!), and just raged the f out! I have a new place in my heart for Yeezy now. He played some new stuff, some old stuff (Jesus Walks, Heartless, Flashing Lights etc.), and I was really surprised that I knew all the songs he played and all the words. But holy cow, nonetheless he was incredible.

So that rounds up my Gov Ball experience. I hope I shared it well with all of you. It was so much fun and I would pay a kankle and a half to go again. The food stands there were totally awesome as well. We ate deep fried hotdogs the one night and my mouth had a mini orgasm. Anyways, I will be covering NXNE this week so stay tuned for more blog posts and follow @radiolaurier on twitter for live tweets! Have a good one!


mud trekkin
mud trekkin’
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes


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