Magical Monday

Magical Monday

Hey there radio listeners! DJ Kpop is here for the blog!


Lets get right into with some KW events tonight. Princess Cinema Twin has films Kon-Tiki at 9:05pm, Love is All You Need  at 6:45pm,  and Mud at 6:30pm and 9:05pm. Original Princess cinema has films The Manor at 9:10pm and At Any Price at 7:00pm. If you are daring to go out in rain tonight Classic Car show is going on at the shops every monday at the shops 525 Highland and Westmount 6pm-8:30pm. Be entertained with great contests and prizes and tons of public enthusiasm. Every Night the Car of the evening will be voted on by the community. Tomorrow night, June 11th, Farm to Fork is happening from  7pm-9pm. It is at Kitchener Farmer’s Market, 2nd Floor. TransitionKW is hosting a local food cooking demo. Come out to learn about the link between local food and sustainable living, and learn how to cook a great meal with seasonal, local produce! Just $5. Invite your friends.Register by emailing .


Entertainment new today Apple is announcing iRadio today. It is music streaming service they provide on IOS 7, their new software. iRadio is alot like Songza or 8trak. The downfall is there will be audio advertisements streamed into the music. Also Samsung and Jay-z  are  in the works with a internet radio service. This means some competition is going here. Will either of the music services succeed with all the other free apps out there?  Moving on, Kesha defends herself against the haters who think she is drunk all the time. She replies to this critique in entertainment tonight interview, “”People do expect me to be drunk most hours of everyday,” “Not to disappoint you, but I’m not wasted right now.”She also uses her new reality show “My beautiful crazy life” and claims it is not scripted and her real life and you can watch this master piece on MTV. Thank you Kesha for clearing this up for us. City and Colour has their own beer! It is to be released at the end of the month. Barrie, ON craft brewers Flying Monkeys who brewed the beer have announced they’re toasting Dallas Green with a new brew branded “City and Colour Imperial Maple Wheat Ale.” The beer is made of high-alcohol imperial maple wheat ale brewed with maple syrup and infused with fair-trade, organic bourbon vanilla pods. According to the brewery, the local flavour pairs well with Green’s Ontario roots.The beer will be available directly from the Flying Monkeys brewery, at LCBO stores, and will be distributed in Western Canada through the through the 49th Parallel Group.


How To for today’s show is How To…. become a wizard and have powers! Here are your four easy steps.

  1. Learn illusions and slight of hand tricks. You want to gain some cred with these tricks for a wizard so don’t settle for same old tricks. Try dangerous or exciting ones
  2. Buy or make a costume. You need to look the part if you want be a wizard and be any wizard you desire. Wand is recommended
  3. Choose a name. You have to have a cool sounding name.
  4. Learn to speak the part. Practice speaking with a deep voice. you must decide if you will use your powers for good or evil. Evil sorcerers tend to sound a little different, they really capture the evil laughs and mannerisms.. Remember to be authentic.


Summer problems for the show is ice-cream cone melting and making a mess. I have personally suffered from this problem this past weekend. My solution is to grab some extra napkins if you are as messy as I am!


Thanks for reading the blog! Remember to tune in Wednesday 11am for the next show!





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