Roaring Friday

Roaring Friday

Happy Friday radio listeners! DJ Kpop is here for the blog recapping the show for the day!


I’m going to get right into some KW events tonight for you to do. If you are looking to dance tonight Jane Bond has Every Friday Night DJ LEANNE RHYMES Classic rock, 60’s & 70’s garage rock, psychedelic rock, prog rock and more! No cover DJ at 10 PM 19+. Starlight also has Every Friday Night  with DJs Flash and Surreal! Spinning the best in old school hip hop, dance and party jams! FREE BEFORE 11 PM $5 after 11 PM Doors at 10 PM 19+.Get on your dancing shoes! If you want to enjoy some good ol’ rock and roll Maxwells has Derivation – 19+ 8:30 pm – 11:45 pm 5$ at the door. If You want a chill night of music the Jazz Room has Kirk McDonald Quartet 6:30-11:30pm $18.00 at the door. For all you sports fans out there  KW United FC Men’s Season Opener is tonight! KW United FC plays in the PDL which is the highest level of amateur soccer in North America and Kitchener-Waterloo will be playing their first game against River City from Kentucky. 7pm-12am at University Stadium which is on 81 Seagram Drive (Right by WLU). Season tickets are on sale now at and walk-ups are always welcome!


Entertainment news today was a bit odd.One of Lady Gaga’s fake fingernails just sold for more than $13,000.  The auction listing, was from a stage crew member says he found the nail onstage after that performance. I have to say that is gross! Bieber in space is the newest movie to come out… JUST KIDDING! But in all seriousness Biebs is going in space. He is heading to space as part of Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic program, which is promising sub-orbital flights for “space tourists”. This tour of space cost a nice chuck of change,$250,000 per person. That must be pocket change to the pop star. The duo Justin Timberlake and Ben Afleck are in a new film ‘Runner Runner’ .Timberlake plays a broke college student with a knack for online poker, and Affleck is the owner of a shady offshore gambling website that brings him on as an employee. Justin’s character gets to enjoy the riches of yachts, tropical islands, tons of money and – as you can see in a brief shot – a Deadmau5 show. Then the FBI gets involved and things get complicated. Timberlake i’m sorry but you are bit too old to play as 20-something college student. Sigh.. I’m predicting a movie flop. Hopefully it’s not a bad as “The Love Guru”.


Now for some How To… actually I had some trouble finding a How To for you lovely gents and ladies so I went with 10 reasons why Dinosaurs make great pets.

1. A pet dinosaur will keep your home safe.

2. You’ll never have to deal with pesky salesmen.

3. Purebred dinosaurs are worth a lot of money.

4. A pet dinosaur will keep you warm at night. (If covered in feathers)

5. You’ll earn back your investment with movie and TV spots.

6. You can train your pet dinosaur to perform various tasks. (expect T-rex’s because they have small arms)

7. You’ll have tons and tons of fertilizer.

8. A pet dinosaur will make you look more manly.

9. While a smaller breed will accent your feminine wiles.

10. You can keep your pet dinosaur safely outside.


Summer problems I’m having is this weather does not make me think of summer at all! The grey skies and rain make me want to hide inside. I did that all winter and now I want to go outside and do summer actives like swimming! This is no beach weather.


That’s all I have for the blog today! Remember to tune in Monday 11am!

Happy weekend!

DJ Kpop


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