Villainous Wednesday

Villainous Wednesday

Hey there radio listeners DJ Kpop is here for the blog.


Lukis and I had a great Wednesday show for you and here is the recap of it!


Getting into some KW events going on this evening Jane Bond has every Wednesday n ight DJ GOLD SOUNDZ spinning power pop & more! No coverDJ at 10 PM 19+. Uptown Waterloo has Asphalt Jungle Shorts.The audience is lead through the urban centre to experience fifteen plays from 45 seconds to 13 minutes long, in places they’d never expect. Asphalt Jungle Shorts – at the intersection of theatre & reality. This play will be going on June 5, 6, 7, 13, 14, 15 at  8:00pm. 20$ a ticket and to pick them up 15mins before the show at the bpx office- upstairs at whole lotta gelato. Reminder it is a 16+ play. Maxwells tomorrow night (June 6th) is having Outer Islands, Sex Dwarf – 19+ 8:30 pm – 11:45 pm 5$ at the door.


Interesting entertainment news of  Kristen Stewart is going to Guantanamo bay for filming her new movie. Stewart will play a soldier stationed at Guantanamo Bay in the political drama Camp X-Ray, to be directed by Peter Sattler. The film’s title is the name of the real temporary detention facility set up when the notorious prison first opened in 2002.Teh film is about young woman (Kristen Stewart) who enlists in the army to escape her small-town existence, only to find herself stationed at Guantanamo Bay. After struggling to maintain authority over the Muslim men she’s assigned to watch, she befriends a young man who is imprisoned in the facility for eight years. Do you think she can pull off this dramatic role? I hope she can because this film sounds interesting and complex. Kirsten Dunst major fashion no-no for concerts. She wore a tome petty show and the heartbreakers to a tom petty and heartbreakers show.. .She was that guy. Beck is working on 2 new albums for this year. He is working on acoustic album and another album which is described as a proper follow up to Modern Guilt album which was released in 2008 .There is a song that leaked out”Defrieneded” but it won’t be featured on the albums. Fans can expect at least one more single this summer.


One of my personal favourites for the show How To. Today was How to… act like a villain! Here are your 8 steps.

  1. Dress in black because it is the color of evil. 2
  2. They often have an army of minions or bodyguards.
  3. Villains usually behave in a sneaky manner to manipulate naive individuals to acquire wealth/sex etc.
  4. A Villain works to destroy/kill/maim the hero in most movies, so define a few tricks and traps that they hide up their sleeves.
  5. It’s always good to ensure that the villain has a particularly destructive skill such as sword-fighting, gun-slinging, nuclear technology, or political power.
  6. Most villains have evil grins pasted across their faces; it’s best to give them an nasty expression.
  7. You can work with two kinds of villains:
    • The rich brat.
    • The psychopathic anarchist.
  8. Most villains are extremely cunning and manipulative, so maybe your villain knows a lot of things about weapons, gadgets, minds, and/or the society that he lives in.


Summer problems well more like summer complaints I feel like it should be called. Lukis problem is the seraphic weather that keeps happening through out May and June. How is one suppose to dress for that? My summer problem was the lack of people and friends around KW area because most students go home for summer.


That’s all for the blog today! Remember to tune in Friday 11am for The Morning Show!


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