Big Blue Skies

Big Blue Skies

Ello there radio listeners! DJ Kpop here for the blog to give you a run down of the show on a beautiful monday morning.


Let’s get into some events happening tonight for you to check out. Show and Shine Classic Car Mondays. It is taking place at the shops on Highland and Westmount from 6pm-8:30p. Welcome anyone to bring out vintage and special edition car. There will be entertainment and prizes. Princess Cinema Twin has some great flicks to check out tonight. The films tonight are Blackbird 14A 9:20pm, Kon-Tiki 6:30pm and 9:00pm, and The Company You Keep 14A 6:50pm. Original Princess has films Renoir PG 6:45pm and Ginger & Rosa PG 9:00pm.


Entertainment news today Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj are leaving American Idol. Randy Jackson announced he was leaving a couple weeks and these two ladies followed .This leaves Keith Urban to the show.I would have to say it’s not really a big deal. Cary and Minaji were known more for their cat fights than bringing in more viewers.Justin Bieber has a heavy foot .Justin Bieber switched seats with his passenger to avoid being busted for suspicion of reckless driving, according to an angry neighbour.He is under investigation after residents in his gated Los Angeles community called the police complaining about his alleged speeding. It has been alleged Biebs reached 100mph residents were showing concern for children and pets A neighbour complained that Bieber cannot handle the responsibility for a vehicle or respect for the law because of Bieber’s “sense of entitlement”. Queen’s Of The Stone Age has a  new album this year. Queen’s Of The Stone Age new album “ Like Clock Work” is released today. This will be their 6th studio album. The last album studio album Era Vulgaris 2007.It’ been 6 years and a long wait for fans.Their first single for the album is “Keep your keys peeled”.


There was an amazing How To…. create a boy band! Here is your 7 simple steps to create a boyband.

  1. Assemble a group of young men. usually 5 and under 25 years old. The type of guys you will need are a rebellious one, a shy one, older guy, a younger one
  2. learn dance steps. tips to achieve this are watch a few instructional tapes, music videos,  I recommend maybe step up movies?
  3. Practice singing at the karaoke bar. As long as you carry some tune and have dance moves you should be good. Chainsaw perhaps?
  4. Find out if any of your member of your band can play an instrument. Not necessary but and added bonus
  5. Put together some cool costumes and hairstyles for your band to wear. The flashier the better
  6. Find a song you all can sing well and over and over again. It will get stuck in peoples head
  7. Put together a music video of your best songs. Don’t be afraid to over do it with special effects and fancy camera angles. The flashy the video can be your ticket to stardom.


Summer problems I find I am having is messed up schedules. I know for me it is my sleeping schedules for the summer is going off the deep end. I slowly started to stay up later each night but now I can’t sleep until 2am! It’s going to be hard to get back into school sleep in the fall now!


Thanks for reading the blog today! Remember back on air Wednesday 11am!

Radio Love,

DJ Kpop


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