The Ninja Life

The Ninja Life

Hello friends! Lunkis here,


Today’s morning show was quite fantastic, as Kpop and I spent most of our time lamenting over the humidity that we’re all experiencing this afternoon. We spent a large portion of today’s show discussing how to become a ninja¬†or, living a life of deception and espionage. It was only fitting, considering Friday’s how to that focuses on how one may become a super spy like James Bond. I mean, ninjas are essentially the James Bonds of feudal Japan! Except ninjas get to make up their own morals, and are much more awesome.


We also discussed on today’s show some very uncalled for fan reactions at Beyonce’s recent concert in Denmark. While on stage a Danish fan in the front row lunged onto the stage and smacked her on the behind; an action that had Beyonce threaten to have the man escorted out of the venue. Kpop and I took some time to discuss some other crazy fan situations that we remember prominently, including punk rock band Gallows who used to have fans rush the stage specifically to beat up their front man. Other fond memories included Bieber getting a water bottle thrown at him while on stage.

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