Discovery or Serendipity?

Discovery or Serendipity?

Can you believe it? Guitar Strings & Community Things hits the air for the first time, tomorrow! The show is shaping up to be pretty solid – two great guests, a bunch of fantastic music, and a conversation focusing on discovery.

Discovery is a tricky word isn’t it? When you think of it, what do you think of? Do you think of curing cancer or space exploration? What about listening to a new album or trying to bake a pie? Loosely defined as ‘the action or process of discovering or being discovered”, discovery really is about experiencing something new. Now whether or not that experience is sought out determines if it is instead, serendipitous. When you listen to a new artist for the first time, did you actively seek them out or did you stumble across them by the happy accident of listening to my radio show? It’s that fine line of active vs. passive exploration that presents the difference between discovery and serendipity.

On Thursday I’ll be joined in the studio by Gregory Oh – the artistic directory of the Open Ears Festival of Music & Sound. We’ll be talking about Between the Ears, which is happening in Downtown Kitchener May 31st and June 1st. Greg will also share a bit about why he thinks it’s important to get out of your comfort zone and explore your surroundings.My 2nd guest is Matt Simmonds from Air Marshal Landing. Matt will be in the studio talking about the band’s upcoming release, You Used To Be Me before heading off to play a show at Maxwell’s Music House with Gloryhound and Poor Young Things. Matt will also weigh in with his thoughts on the difference between discovery and serendipity.

Don’t forget to check back after the show to find links to everything we talk about and a link to stream GS&CT’s discovery mixtape on 8tracks.

Catch ya soon!

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