Monday Fun day!

Monday Fun day!

Hey there folks DJ Kpop here for the blog. I was flying it solo for the show today but still had an amazing show for you guys to shake away those monday blues!


Lets get straight into some KW Happenings for this Monday evening. Maxwells is having bands Something You Whisper, Kings Land +Guest – All Ages 7:30pm. Princess Twin Cinema has Still Mine 1:45pm and 6:45pm, The Sapphires 9:00pm, The Company You Keep 1:30pm and  9:05pm, and 42 6:30pm. Original Princess Blackbird 9:10pm and  To The Wonder 6:30pm.


Lots to talk about in Entertainment news that happened over the weekend. Aaron Paul famous for his role as Jesse in Breaking Bad tied the knot with longtime girlfriend Lauren Parsekian in Malibu on sunday. Ben Afflect receives Honorary Doctorate from Brown University. He received the doctorate in Fine Arts. Angelina Jolie has double mastectomy due to  87% risk of breast cancer. Jolie mother passed away 2007 due to breast cancer and this past sunday her aunt passed away due to breast cancer as well. Click HERE  to read the article if you like to know more details on the subject .Muse is  performing at the global premiere of ‘World War Z” .They will be performing tracks are from Muse’s latest album ‘The second Law’ . The world premiere of World War Z is at London England’s Leicester Square on Sunday June 2. World War Z will be in theatres Jun 21. 2013


Now for How to…. survive  a gnome attack! This is another essential how to for life. There are 10 steps for this.

1.Practice exiting from a first-story window

2. Memorize room layouts

3. Keep a weapon in every room

4. Practice rising from bed in attack mode.

5. Keep floors clear

6. Have a second bicycle

7. Don’t yell “Help”

8. Install a panic button

9. Dress in layers

10. Memorize Morse code for SOS


Summer problems I found today on the world of twitter was when the sun heats up cement or sand and you walk on it bare foot. Your feet being to burn!! My solution for this is please wear sandals or shoes cause your feet will be on fire!


That’s the recap of the show today! Remember to tune in Wednesday 11am for The Morning Show!

DJ Kpop


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