A Beard of Cats

A Beard of Cats

Hello friends! Lunkis here.

Today’s Morning Show was silly as always, with Kpop and I fantasizing about owning a Radio Laurier creeper van with which to irritate and propagate around campus. It may only be a dream… but one day we’ll have our van.

In today’s entertainment news, Kpop brought up the internet phenomena of “catbearding“. Catbearding refers to the act of having your cat raise its head just below yours while you take a “selfie“, resulting in a beard made of feline. Based on the pictures provided, I’ve come to the conclusion that cats may also sometimes morph into human beards. It’s a beautiful thing! Newcomers to silly internet picture trends should also check out planking, vadering, and “hadoukening
We also made sure to continue our trend of life saving (and improving) how-to segments with How to Be Like James Bond. A couple of the steps in this how to had Kpop and I questioning which James Bond this list represents (as it’s certainly not Sean Connery’s depiction), though the steps are still beneficial. I’m on my way to becoming a secret agent myself! Now if only I could familiarize myself with the language of espionage. Then again, I’m sure I can learn everything about espionage with a few seasons of Archer.

Anyways, thanks for tuning in to today’s show! Be sure to check out TMS on Twitter and Facebook.

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