Release your inner Dragon

Release your inner Dragon

Ello there radio land listeners DJ Kpop is here for the blog!


Today on the show we had a busy day for KW happenings. Maxwells is having the band OldFolks Home with special guest. It starts at 8:30pm  and 19+. Jane Bond is having DJ Gold Soundz, Spinning power pop & more. There is no cover starts at 10pm  and is 19+, sorry kiddies. Style and the city fashion show was on today 12pm-1pm. It happened downtown Kitchener at City Hall. The fashion show featured clothes from local stores in the area. If you are in the mood for some sports KW United  Women’s soccer opener is tonight 7pm- 10pm at University Stadium which is 80 Seagram (Right by WLU).  KW United will be facing their rivals London. You can purchase season tickets at or walk ins are always welcome!

Entertainment news today Hangover star Zach Galifianakis recused 87- year-old Elizabeth “Mimi” Haist from homelessness two years ago. Zach became friends with Mimi at a coin laundry Mat in 1994 and she used to help fold peoples clothes for tips. Zach found out of her being homeless and he set her up with a one bedroom apt and is paying for her rent. He also has brought Mimi as his date to red carpet events such as premier of “Hangover 2” and now “Hangover 3”. Feel good moment! Also Xbox released it’s new console Xbox one. It has been criticized for it’s release party for over empathizing their TV aesthetic to the the console. Also it’s comedy week on Youtube. You can catch your fave comedians videos like Jenna Marbles, Andy Samberg and Seth Rogan etc.


How To today on the show showed you how to touch back to our ancestor roots with How To Become A Dragon.  There are 9 easy steps for this:

  1. Find out which Dragon you want to be like. European dragon, Asian,  or one that lives in cold places
  2. Find some costumes like a tail, horn, or wings
  3. Dragons are solitary creatures so keep to yourself
  4. Try growling or making dragon noises to really get into it
  5. Eat anything that your species of dragon would eat. BUT don’t go eating rabbits and stray children. Maybe make your food look more like the prey your dragons
  6. Either stay in your room or go outside and lie in the sun, dragons love to be lazy
  7. Train your fitness, speed, flexibility
  8. work hard at schools in math, history, english and foreign language
  9. Dragons can be playful, especially going outside, play hunting

Onto to Summer Problems of the day. My summer problem was with weather like yesterday. It was humid, hot and rainy. How do you dress for that weather? Tear away pants perhaps? Lukis problem was the  return of the roommates! He says he was enjoying having his house to himself but now that enjoyment is slowly going away with the roommates back meow.


Thats all for today listeners! Remember to tune in Friday at 11am!






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