With 9 days to go, GS&CT needs your help!

With 9 days to go, GS&CT needs your help!

Inaugural blog post, inaugural mixtape, inaugural community show – 9 days to go and it’s time to dive deep into radio land pushing the focus of campus radio outside the boundaries of King & University. With Guitar Strings & Community Things, I’m hoping to do just that. You’ll get a full gist of the show come May 30th when GS&CT hits radiolaurier.com. Over the next week, I’ll be facing a steep learning curve of knowing which buttons to press, how to properly enunciate so that I don’t drive you crazy with all of my mumbling, and splicing together an introduction for my show.

That’s where you come in! To give a community show a community feel, it needs community input. What I’m asking is that you spread this around, share it on Facebook, share it on Twitter, grab your microphone and record the following:

“You’re listening to Guitar Strings and Community Things on Radio Laurier”

10 seconds, that’s all it takes to be part of something awesome.

If you’re feeling up to the challenge, send a mp3/m4a file to rlgsct@gmail.com and I’ll include it in a radio spot.

Recording not your thing? Share this with your friends through social media, follow the show on Facebook and Twitter, and prepare your ears for something fantastic.


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