Long Weekend Shenanigans

Long Weekend Shenanigans

Hey there radio land listeners!

DJ Kpop here giving you the run down of the morning show’s long weekend show!


Today on the show we talked about some KW happenings. Psychic fair  featuring at the event are gifted international psychic readers, an aura photographer, all types of incredible vendors, exciting free lectures and demonstrations, hourly door prizes and much more. Admission $7.00. Valid all weekend. Kids under 12 free with an adult. If you want to have your fortunes told this is place to be at! Also the Quilt and Fibre art festival waterloo region and beyond May 21st to 25th communities come together to host a dazzling variety of events in celebration of Waterloo Region’s quilting and fibre arts heritage and culture. This is taking place at St. Jacobs!


Into some entertainment news Justin Bieber  was booed on stage when receiving an award at the Billboard awards. Bieber uncomfortably dealt with the situation by saying he is doing well for an 19 year old and is an artist not a gimmick. Questionable quotes by the Biebs. Anchorman 2 will have cameos of Kanye West and  Drake. Drake was spotted rocking an afro. Gamers entertainment news Assassin Creed has been planned to be a movie. Will it succeed as well as the game?


Today on ‘How To’ Lukis and I gave you ways to gain superpowers! A few sample ways is to douse yourself in chemicals, buy fancy gadgets, and to get bitten. We do not encourage to try these methods because they are not proven to work!


Summer problems or summer grind my gears today for myself were people who tan with tattoos and do not take care of them. Please if you have tattoos place sunscreen on them when you go out on sunny summer days. Lukis summer problem was gentlemen who do not wear shirts out in public during the summer. This can be said for young and old.. cover up.


Thats all for today folks! Enjoy the last of the long weekend!



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