TGIF! Get your party hats on radio land listeners!


DJ Kpop is here for the blog to give you the rundown of the show today.


Lets start off the blog with some KW happenings for tonight to start off your long weekend. Starlight has every friday night behind the milk with DJ Charles. Spinning funk, disco, R&B, soul, latin dancehall, boogaloo, house, hip hop new and old! FREE Before 10PM! 5$ after 11pm 19+. Maxwells at 8:30pm 7$  has The Booswich, Ninja Funk Orchestra ,Binary Forest and The Rents. Jane Bound every friday night DJ Leanne Rhymes spinning classic rock, 60’s and 70’s garage rock, psychedelic rock, progressive rock and more! FREE DJ at 10pm 19+. Jazz Room has Ray Sexet  who plays lead trumpet. His sound has been described as Latin Touch to what approaches big band sound. He also will play soul and blues.  Starts at  8:30pm to 11:30pm 15$.


Entertainment news Miley Cyrus No.1 on Maxims Hot 100. Cyrus response to this honour by saying, ” I think it’s every girl’s dream to be able to say that they got number one in ‘Maxim’s’ 100, and it’s kind of a once-in-a-lifetime thing, so it’s just insane.” Isn’t Cyrus almost Amanda Bynes level of craziness? Also not too sure it’s every girl’s dream to be Maxims Hot 100… sorry Cyrus but I don’t care. Kim Kardashian is going on Tour with Kanye West with their child months after the birth of the child. WHAT? I guess Kayne’s tour bus is getting a crib.. a legit crib. Do I care? I guess for the child’s well being yes but as for Kim and Kayne.. nope.


Onto the How to part of the show! This one is hilarious, “How To Prepare for an Alien Invasion” . Here are the tips,

  1. Prepare an anti mind control helmet. Not to use aluminium foil!
  2. Stockpile food the aliens will not be able to use. Beef jerky, pork rinds and grape soda.
  3. Try to stay as ill as possible at all times. Aliens cannot defend off against Earth germs.
  4. Move somewhere away and horrible. Aliens will attack large cities first.
  5. Remember all aliens are bad.Friendly ones only befriend children.
  6. Distrust anyone could actually be reptile- headed alien in disguise. Everyone includes strangers, friends, and of course attractive people
  7. Remember the only true source of information about the alien threat is AM radio

Summer problems that have been popular on the tweeter is motivation to get out of bed (more of a summer student problem), and bad summer jobs. Bad summer jobs I included were door to door sales person and maintenance jobs for cities like picking up trash.


That’s all for the recap of the show! Have an amazing long weekend!





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