Festie Hour presents Coachella

Festie Hour presents Coachella

Hey Festie lovebirds,

Incase you were all really bummed that you missed out on Coachella (queue group of girls yelling “Wo0! Coachella 2013!”) a few weeks back because you were either procrastinating on studying, actually studying or crying in the bathroom because you were not at Coachella, its okay because Festie Hour has you covered! Last Tuesday, we took a little trip in the time machine located in our imaginations and visited the celebrity hotspot located in Indio, California and brought the music festival to you! But, to all of you who missed the festival a third time around (well, 3rd because it happened over the span of two weekends), here is your chance to get caught up on all the great things you missed out on:


Festival Highlights:

1. Fall Out Boy makes a very surprising performance with 2 Chainz as the rapper announces that he has come to save “Rock n’ Roll.” (Is Fall Out Boy classified as Rock N’ Roll nowadays?)

2. Grimes choreographic performance, which was super trippy to watch.

3. A festival-goer get his head shaved on stage during AESOP ROCK’s performance.

4. A crazy sandstorm

5. R. Kelly joining Phoenix on stage as they perform a Coachella remix of Ignition and 1901 and then a quick jump into I’m a Flirt and Chlorofoam (which, is one of my favorite songs off their new album!)

6. Yeah Yeah Yeah’s headlining performance (Go Karen O!)

7. Skrillex dancing to Bauuer’s “Harlem Shake” in the Sahara Tent

8. Justin Vernon jamming with his new group “The Shouting Matches,” which will never be Bon Iver…

9. Red Hot Chilli Peppers performing Californication in California… How can it get more perfect?

10. Vampire Weekend talking about how they are related to Steve Buscemi.

11. Wuuuuuuuuu-Tang

karen o130414-Phoenix-R-Kelly_1wutangclanredhotchillipeppers

All this and plenty more.


Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed the show! Make sure to follow Festie Hour on Twitter (@FestieHour) and to like the show on Facebook.



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